Nigeria may revisit anti-gay law – Goodluck Jonathan

Nigerian Former President Goodluck Jonathan says Nigeria may revisit the anti-gay marriage law which he signed on January 7th 2014. Jonathan said this while speaking at Bloomberg studio today June 6th

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“When it comes to equality, we must all have the same rights as Nigerian citizens. In the light of deepening debates for all Nigerians and other citizens of the world to be treated equally and without discrimination, and with the clear knowledge that the issue of sexual orientation is still evolving, the nation may at the appropriate time revisit the law” he said

It would be recalled that in January 2014, Jonathan signed into law the Bill which outlaws same sex marriage, gay groups and public displays of affection by homosexuals.

The signed bill says the gays; lesbians in Nigeria will risk a 14-year jail term if they do not retrace their steps and renounce such marriage. Also, any person who operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organisations directly or indirectly will earn a 10-year imprisonment. Those who administer witness, abet or aid the solemnization of a same sex marriage are going to bag a 10-year jail term.

The decision, however, triggered condemnation by religious leaders, human rights groups and Western governments.



  1. People, please try to understand,GEJ is still dazed hence he is now talking like a confused person. Ofcourse, every law could be reviewed after testing for a period of time with a view to plug identified loop-holes and gaps which is normal, so I really don’t see the point the former president wants to make!

  2. Is GEJ this daft…he signed off against it in power and he’s now supporting it out of office. I don’t think he needs to talk…abi he was on ogogoro then or today!

  3. Gay marriage is evil and satanic. We applauded you for not signing same sex marriage into Law. I advise you to stay away from it and leave us with APC. That bill cannot work in Nigeria no matter what Obama and co may do.

    • He’s trying to say this govt. May revisit it cos that the reason why the us govt.did not support his govt,but is supporting this present one

  4. GEJ doesn’t apply sense into what he is saying… he wants to look good to the western world and a Bayard or fool at home… o ma se o!

  5. I guess Gej is out of his mind. Because of your selfish interest n gain, you are now promoting the interest of the western world !! This is abomination to the highest order. Gej, please we do not want the wrath of God to befall our great nation Nigeria. I therefore implore all God fearing Nigerians to quickly raise alarm against Gej

  6. Those who do like biting have started biting again. But they will not endure when bitten. The man said “may”. Nigerian marry many wives which is prohibited in the West against God’s Law in the Bible. But a Nigerian so married cannot be stopped from travelling to America or Britain etc. because he is married to several wives. Of course, Nigerian do not want hear gay marriage like the west do not want to hear marrying more than one wife. Any adjustment to the law may accommodate in our shores foreigners so married, provided they do not exit such things in public to give others the right to do the madness in their closets rather than in the public if they are in our country.
    Sodomy unfortunately is practiced in Nigeria, and most popular people in high places are involved. The only difference, they do not claim to be married in Churches as it is done in the Cultureless Societies. It is unfortunate to note that an average girl in the cities allow men to penetrate through the unnatural course which is equal to having another man as sex partner. Sodomy as condemnable as it is, is practiced with levity/disregard for God’s Law, a moral standard animals will not condescend, because animals of all kinds know better than those over feed human who should have known better.- 1 Corinthian 6:91. End times are really here 2 Timothy 3;1-5.

  7. GEJ are you looking for cheap popularity or you’re indirectly asking for acceptance in case of any eventuality. The people you addressed know that neither you or your party is in power and there is nothing you can do . They’re are only teasing you. I expected GEJ to stand by what he signed into law instead of being afraid. Nigeria is not a gay country and will never be one. Gay is against the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an

  8. GEJ is now a complete over confused mann,he is looking 4 favour from western world,medicine after dead

  9. The man is an astute politician and diplomat. He adjusted his message to an international audience comprising of some first world listeners. Wait, he will soon change his tune once he gets back home. The man is wise.

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