50 Cent Heads Back to Court to Reduce Settlement for Lastonia Leviston’s Sex

50 Cent has headed back to court in a bid to get the judge to reduce the $7m he was ordered to pay Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston, by a New York jury to a more reasonable sum of $4m.


The rapper, who won a major victory in his bankruptcy case after a judge dismissed bankruptcy claims of his boxing company, is requesting that the court not only throw out Ms Leviston’s $500k claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress but also split his new offer $4m between himself and Rick Ross whom he believes leaked the sex tape.

According to Thejasminebrand, documents filed on 03 June indicates the 50 Cent is requesting a reduction in the punitive damage to be paid the woman citing that the $7m forms a sizeable percentage of his net worth and would further hurt his finances if he is made to pay that amount.

50 cent is also requesting to battle out the civil suit in a court with a judge determining the monetary value of what he has to pay owing Lastonia, who initially got a judge to allow her proceed with her lawsuit despite the normal procedure of putting lawsuits on hold when a person files for bankruptcy but is now seeking to pause the proceedings; a decision the rapper is opposed to as he is seeking the case continues.


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