Baby Musa, toddler brutalised by step mum flown abroad for treatment  … photos

Muritala Mohammed, the little boy almost killed by his step mum after she beat him to an inch of his life, broke his arms and legs, damaged his eye and genitals, and cut his tongue.

baby baby1 (1)

Has been getting help from various quarters, and the most recent is from wife of the president of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari. Baby Musa has been flown abroad for medical treatment and he is being sponsored by the First Lady.

Last week there were rumours that the little boy had succumbed to his injuries and died but thankfully they turned out to be false.



  1. That’s what am talking about and am so happy to hear this.ummmm this boy will go far for better in life because God and his destiny is shining now.

  2. Thank u Jesus that the boy is still alive. I’m grateful to God Almighty for sparing his life. I wish him speedy recovery. Also thanks to our first lady Mrs. Aisha Buhari. Thank God for everything.

  3. Exactly what Nigerians wished for. Help from the presidency, that’s very kind of her. My plea is that let this help rotate to other parts of Nigeria.

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