Billionaire daughters, DJ Cuppy and Temi Otedola featured on UK Daily Mail … photos

Billionaire daughters of oil magnate, Femi Otedola, Florence aka DJ Cuppy, 23, and Temi Otedola, 20, were featured on UK’s Daily Mail today June 7th, where they talked about their lives, careers and what it feels like to be the daughters of the 16th richest man in Africa.

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DJ Cuppy who recently graduated from King’s College, University of London, with a degree in Business and French, said she wants to become a renowned DJ and make it into Forbes 30 under 30 Rich List.

Cuppy said she has ceased to bother herself with comments made by people attributing her success as a DJ to her father’s wealth and position. Cuppy, who DJs wearing £1,000 headphones covered in Swarovski crystals (of which she owns 15 pairs), adds that being the daughter of a billionaire also brings with it additional problems.

According to Cuppy, whenever she is working in Nigeria she needs to travel with a security team in a bullet proof car due to the risk of robbery and kidnapping.

‘London is bliss as I can walk down Brompton Road without a worry in the world. In Lagos I can’t say “I am going out for two hours”. I have to go with people, take security, my dad needs to know where I am. None of my other DJ friends need security, it is kind of his fault so he has to pay for it.’she said

On her part, Temi, who is a fashion and style blogger, talked about the success of her blog, and also dealing with the negative comments from Nigerians. Temi in the interview said she and her sister were brought up to work hard for their own successes

“We were brought up knowing all the success and money my father has made is his and we have to work for ourselves. We’ve definitely had that instilled in us. He might be bluffing but we certainly take him at face value. Anyway, we would not feel very good about ourselves just living off him.’she said



  1. nice one ,its not esay to b in money ,having money is a problem nt having is also a problem ,may God help us alll

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