Is there anybody that doesn’t fall sick? – Buhari finally speaks out

“Is there anybody that doesn’t fall sick?” That was President Muhammadu Buhari’s parting shot to Nigerians on Monday as he departed the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport Abuja for London where he is expected to see specialists over what the Presidency described as “persistent ear infection.”

buhari airport

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, had announced on Sunday that Buhari would be proceeding on a 10-day vacation beginning from Monday during which he will see Ear, Nose and Throat specialist in London.

During a brief interaction he had with journalists before leaving the Presidential Wing of the airport, Buhari was asked to react to the tension being created that the President of the country is sick.

It was at that point that the President asked the reporters if there was anybody that does not fall sick.

When asked what his message to Nigerians would be at this time, Buhari simply said, “I have already told Nigerians that I am going for 10 days to get my ear checked.”

When further asked if he had communicated his decision to go on vacation to the National Assembly as required by law, the President said, “The National Assembly knows; they have been formally informed.”

With the notice to the National Assembly, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is expected to act as President for the period Buhari will be away.



  1. It is well with President Buhari. The Lord will perfect your healing and you will live long to rule this country aright in Jesus name.

  2. This is very disgusting to be telling the whole country that our president is going to london to treat an ear infection. What this implies is that we do not have competent medical doctors to treat an ear infection in the whole of Nigeria. But rather this president embarks on a foreign trips at the slightest excuse as if Nigeria is not good enough for him anymore. To the millions of Nigerians suffering, it appears what the have is a president that lives abroad and comes for a shot visit to Nigeria.
    Secondly, Nigerians are suffering and in a deep mess , but this president would rather spend the tax payers money and scares resources flying about everywhere except stay in Nigeria and govern the country. This president refused to go ogoni land over a threat from the ogoni avengers, who else is gonna sneeze and my beloved president will have an excuse to stay back in Aso rock.
    Thirdly, the more reason our medical infrastructure needs to be fixed and updated to serve the people who cannot fly abroad like mr.president. If this is done, even mr president will not need to waste our resources flying abroad for 10 days. What happens when next you catch a cold, you’ll spend 20days abroad again, while the common man millions of them die each day from treatable diseases because of the failure of the government to provide a good medical infrastructures. This is sad and disheartening especially from a president who prides on trying to fight corruption and cub waste. This is certainly not a wise means of conserving and managing our resources. For crying out loud, Nigerians are suffering and dying and it’s becoming unbearable anymore. Please, can someone save our souls.

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