Reno Omokri slaps down Twitter user who wished PMB death

Some people have no chill sha! Imagine if that was your father…


Some people have no chill sha! Imagine if that was your father…

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  1. Buhari really need to die. He already have shed enough blood in the recent past. God is not a kid but a just God. And justice must be done to Buhari. Its a matter of time. Buhari is a walking corpse!!! He fought the Church abi. Lets watch the outcome wrathful soul.

  2. Some pple are so stupid why would you wish someone death are u God what has d president done to deserve such awful statement criticize his govt as much as u can but pple should learn to respect him he’s human after all nobody is perfect be careful of what you say bcos it might come back to you

  3. Is PMB bigger/better than the ones that died in their sixties? He is a grand if not great grandfather. If anyone wishes him dead now I don’t think it’s such a bad one…..u don’t know what I am wishing him in my heart. Don’t crucify this guy cos he summoned the courage to voice his own out……..don’t tempt the wishes bcos u might close ur ears/eyes at what u may hear/see…….

  4. That never do well,Michael, that slot,Vivian, and that miserable lout that twitted such an outrage will all surely die before Buhari
    Such bitches are mere nuisance to the world

  5. Thank u jare Reno for replying the fool. Can u imagine?! Like u said, God is not wicked therefore He would not answer such cruel prayer. Anyways, i don’t blame them they are enemies of progress they can’t stand the war against corruption that is in the air whether they like it or not, the monster called CORRUPTION must die! Change Is Here!

  6. @michael, you are fighting for The Church you claimed Buhari fought against? When did he do so? Perhaps you are just assuming. Then in fighting for the church you cursed a leader? When it is written in the Holy Bible that you are to pray for your leaders. Where is wishing someone death for whatever reason a part of the Doctrines of Christ? EvYou say God is a Just God, this is true, even so, is the Battle yours to fight? Out of ignorance you commit error against the Holy Spirit hence against yourself. Speak out and express your grievances, but as you do so try and ensure you don’t condemn yourself with wrong utterances, it is written in the Good Book that my people perish for lack of knowledge, the true Christian way advocates Love, with prayers He will intervene in Nigeria matter according to his will. I do not want to judge, please take this as advice, this country needs true Christians at this time, not death dealers, your utterances reveal the state of your heart. God is watching, Holy Spirit is observing, a word is enough for the wise.

  7. Some comments are so funny. Biafrans are being so blunt about what they think about buhari while the Yoruba’s pretends to love him. Who do u think that is being sincere.? Yoruba greets their enemies but talk behind their back. Biafrans are not so. Pls respect each others comments

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