Unilorin lecturer resigns after caught on tape sexually harassing female student in his office … Here’s Audio clip

Head of Department of the University of Ilorin, Dr Mohammed Sani Idiagbon, has reportedly resigned from office after an audio where he was asking for sexual favors from one of his students named Faith, leaked online.

According to Newsmen, this audio was leaked last week, Faith is a 200 level student of his department who had gone to him regarding her score for a continuous assessment test he set for her class sometime ago.

In the audio, Dr Idiagbon could be heard telling Faith to allow him touch her breast. Faith then told him that her breast is paining her because she was having her menstrual cycle. She also told him that the office was not conducive for such act. The lecturer then told Faith to lock the office door so they could have privacy which she did but still resisted his advances.

Angered by her reluctance, Dr. Idiagbon told her she is not the only one and so she should not feel so special and eventually told her to leave the office and not return.

Reacting to the incident, the University’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Kunle Akogun, confirmed the incident to Sahara Reporters, saying Dr. Idiagbon has resigned after he was suspended and removed as the head of the English department. He also refused to honor an invitation of the Staff Disciplinary Committee, choosing instead to resign.

Akogun further stated that the university is investigating the matter and will ensure that the lecturer is duly punished if found guilty of the allegations against him. In his words,

“The university frowns against sexual harassment or any other harassment at that. The university is making necessary investigation and once we are done, the culprit will be brought to book.” The sub-dean of school’s student affairs, Dr. Yussuf, said the case was reported to the Students’ Support Centre shortly after the Easter break in April.



  1. honestly if I tell u am not hapy abt dis news ill b disspionted ,bt dis has ben going on and on and for how many years finally one has bin put to shame especial lecturers dat forcelly and threantn students am so happy one has been caught an dits just d tip of d iceberg

  2. Una wife thing no dey do u,na to chop freah meal u go dey find.now u don spoil u reputation,even ur children own sef

  3. …And if i said Buhari caused this some people will be thinking i don’t know what am saying… am just passing by oh

  4. @ Kas; kas, kas, kas, how many times has the Power of the Universe called your name?

    if you speak evil of the president again (one God has sent to Nigeria at this time), even if you think it or in your dream, your name will cease to be Kas but CURSE.

    You even dared using the name of Jesus to speak evil of Buhari……..everyone on this platform please warn him or her…..”he who has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying”……….or people will come and plead for you to be rescued from the plague you are asking for.

    I have to deliver this message to you because I care as a fellow Nigerian; stop it before the abuse of freedom of speech becomes a bondage to you forever.

    God has spoken. Amen.

  5. @Tunde, you’ve gone too far. your statement sucks because kas was only being humorous but you’ve gone too far.we should learn how to be civil at all times even when nobody’s watching

    • How can Kas be playing humour with Jesus’ name? Let him use Muhammad’s name and he won’t lose his in a matter of days. This humour is unacceptable

  6. Well,this lecturers cup is full this time around
    Most male lecturers do this anyway
    But then,many of these girls are not in any way better as they go about seeking for marks by discreetly doing everything to seduce the lecturers
    I should know
    I was a lecturer in Nigeria in the past
    This is an open secrete in all universities
    Ironically most of these guys commenting on this forum will do the same as Dr Idiagbon if they were in his shoes
    That is however not to say that such act is right

    • Sunny I think d lecturer has been toasting her and she did not agree n now decide to fail her, so her going to his office to plead is obvious now to record d incident as evidence

  7. By the way who recorded the conversation btw the lecturer and the student? Is it the same student or another person. In as much as I am not supporting any type of harassment, this must be properly investigated. I sence some foul play

  8. This would serve as an example to others who are in the business of sexual harassment on students in our Nigeria universities.

  9. The girl is guilty as well. If she does the right thing like every other student there will be no need whatsoever for a private visit in his office soliciting for marks. From the way she calls him by his name and not sir, one can deduce she’s a ho and not 100% innocent

  10. I wrote sometimes ago, let us learn to honor and give regards to our elders, leaders. Kas if President Buhari is your father, would you have addressed him that way and pour sarcasm. You think your identity is hidden? You better apologize before it is too late.

  11. His resignation is not enough, he should be prosecuted to be a deterent to others in our universities and other institution all over the country. All the schools should be invetigated and a GSM number should be given for prompt reporting of cases.

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