VP Osinbajo steps in acting President

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has taken over the rein of power as Acting President as his boss, President Muhammadu Buhari, proceeds on a 10 day leave to address his ailing ear in London, United Kingdom.

This was made known yesterday when the President told newsmen during a short interaction at the airport on his way to London that he had complied to the provision of the nation’s constitution mandating him to inform the National Assembly of his absence and, by implication, transferred power to his Vice.

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Asked what his message to Nigerians would be as he proceeds on leave, he said “I have already told Nigerians that I am going for 10 days to get my ear checked.”

On whether he had informed the National Assembly as required by law, Buhari said “the National Assembly knows, they have been formally informed.”

On his reaction to the tension being generated by his state of health, he said “is there anybody that doesn’t fall sick?”
Meanwhile, the Presidency had insisted that the President cannot be said to be sick because he has never been incapacitated from carrying out his official duties.

Special Adviser to the President on media and public affairs, Femi Adesina, who spoke with newsmen yesterday at the airport said it was not correct to describe Buhari as ill maintaining that the appropriate word was that he had gone to rest.

Adesina said “The buzz going round town is that the President is “ill”, but “ill” will be a misnomer, it should not be the right word to use.

“The President is going for a 10 day rest and during that period he will see specialists who will look at his ear because he has been treating that ear locally for sometime.

“Nigerian physicians have looked at it and now they have said you are going to UK, now that you will be there let specialists look at the ear.

They have treated it locally so it is not a question of whether the President is ill. if he is i’ll, it presupposes that there are certain things that he cannot do.

“Till the very last minute that he is traveling, the President performed the duties and functions of his office as the President.

“So illness is not the issue, but as a human being yes he can rest. He has been President for one full year, you know that in February he took 5days leave, he is taking another 10 days now that means 15 days leave in one year.

“You and I take more than that, so it is natural that the President as a human being is taking 10 days rest but he is not ill.

“We need to underscore that. Rather than going into a frenzy I will urged Nigerians to just show goodwill and patriotism, they should pray for him and wish him well.

Things about health life and death are in the hands of God, but I believe that all is well without President and God will take care of him and take care of the country.”



  1. Time to relax! The return of Buhari would be brutal. Someone should tell Saraki, Metuh and Dasuki pls

  2. Yes, PMB deserves some rest, medical or otherwise. It’s only our looter-former presidents that did not want to leave their seats for a day lets their vice presidents would know whatsup!

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