CCT chair threatens to jail pro-Saraki senators

Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Mr. Danladi Yakubu Umar, yesterday threatened that he would jail pro-Saraki senators attending court sessions in solidarity to the senate president.

This just as Danladi told the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, that he would incur the full wrath of the law over charges of alleged false declaration of assets filed against him by the Federal Government despite the alleged delayed trial tactics.

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The CCT the chairman reportedly got furious after some individuals seated at the court gallery repeatedly shouted at the prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacobs, to sit down.

Umar, who asked them to remain silent, noted that Saraki’s supporters’ conduct was becoming unbearable in his court.

“If I hear anybody ask the counsel to sit down, I will deal with the person and nobody can question me about it. In fact, I will hold the person in contempt and sentence the person to hard labour and nobody will question me,” he reportedly snapped

On Saraki’s counsel delay tactics, Umar said that, “I am not happy at the delay tactics by the defence counsel. And I must say this thing out that this delay tactics will not reduce the consequences the defendant will meet from this tribunal at the end of the trial,” the tribunal chairman warned.

Danladi was reacting to the allegation of delay tactics levelled against Saraki’s counsel by the prosecution counsel, Mr. Rotimi Jacobs SAN.

He threatened that the consequences of the trial and the charges will in no way be reduced on the accused person by the tribunal.

Just before the defence counsel, Mr. Paul Usoro was about to begin cross examination of the prosecution witness, Mr. Micheal Wetkas, the tribunal chairman categorically said he had taken note of the delay tactics being employed by Saraki’s lawyers, and vowed that the tactics will not in anyway affect the consequences of the trial of the defendant.

Apparently disturbed by the statement of the tribunal chairman, Saraki’s lead counsel, Mr. Kanu Agabi SAN, stood up and queried Danladi on the import of his utterance, adding that he and his client are worried over “assumed prejudices”.

Agabi, however expressed dismay over the statement and cautioned the tribunal against influence from opposition and enemies, adding that the defence team is against “assumed prejudices” as it is against justice.

“From defence side, we are not worried about the law and facts that will be placed before this tribunal by the prosecution. But we are worried about enemies who may wish to use this tribunal to achieve their ulterior motive.”

“As the tribunal chairman, we love you, we respect you, but we are afraid of consequences, especially as just stated by this tribunal this morning. Our fears have been reinforced, but we pray against consequences that are against natural justice.”

As the cross examination continued, the EFCC star witness, Mr. Micheal Wetkas told the tribunal that Saraki was never investigated by EFCC on the ownership of two properties in Abuja, which he allegedly failed to declare in his assets declaration form.



  1. Saraki and his co currupt fellows must be brought to justice bcos this is not PDP era where anything goes. therefore, it is not going to be business as usual.

  2. Hmmm. These ignorant Senators are playing with fire and if they’re not careful, this fire will burn them.

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