Niger Delta Avengers Blows Up Another Chevron Pipeline, Ignores Dialogue With FG

Niger Delta Avengers has said it would not negotiate with the Federal Government. The militant group, which blew up a crude oil pipeline belonging to Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL, in the early hours today, tweeted.


“This is to inform the general public that we are not negotiating with any Committee. If Federal Government is discussing with any group they’re doing that on their own”

It said on its twitter handle: “At 1:00am today, the @NDAvengers blow up Well RMP 20 belonging to Chevron located 20 meters away from Dibi flow Station in Warri North local government area.”

The attack is in spite of the declaration of a two-week ceasefire 48 hours earlier by the Federal Government to create a window for dialogue with militants. Confirming the attack, a security source said: “Yes, there was an attack this morning by militants on a Chevron facility.”

“The pipeline had earlier been attacked by militants using the same modus operandi which is with the use of dynamite.

“The attack was carried out at about 3am this morning,” he added.



  1. All these evil perpetrators with the connivance of their sponsors God will bring all them down very soon if no change of heart.

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