1. Are our judges not truly corrupt? 3yrs for stealing 31m! isn’t dat worth d while?Can one save dat amount if he work 150yrs

  2. This Yoruba criminal should have been sentenced to death by Butchering. Yorubas are lazy criminals who want to eat from where they didn’t work.

    • Chinedu, u are a bastard igbo maggot for even mentioning Yoruba criminals. Igbos are noted for committing crimes both home and abroad, they are the notorious i have ever come across especially in drug trafficking,see how they are being wasted in indonesia for drug related offences which is their hobby, stealing, kidnapping et all. Yorubas are hardworking and defender of their integrity. I hate all these igbos for the way they reason, no sense in them at all. You will remain slaves for ever in this country.

  3. While this act is punishable, what about the looters of the treasury, whose names are not known/published? They are not even convicted for stealing the people’s money. Till date none has been sent to jail.

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