Man being investigated for N91m fraud dies in EFCC custody

Desmond Nunugwo, a suspect under investigation by the EFCC, passed away yesterday June 10th, few hours after he was taken into custody. His demise was confirmed at the hospital where he was rushed after he suddenly took ill.


Late Nunugwu allegedly fraudulently obtained N91million from an acquaintance after he tricked her into believing that he had high net worth business associates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates who were at the verge of buying Nicon Insurance and convinced her of their disposition to help her stock fish business.

Consequently, she wired N91m into Nunugwo’s nominated account (Mainagge General Merchants) in Diamond Bank. After the transfer of the funds, Nunugwo became evasive forcing the complainant to report the transaction to the EFCC. Consequently, Nunugwo was arrested in Utako, Abuja at about 5.33pm on Thursday, June 9, 2016.

His statement was taken, where he admitted receiving the money from the complainant, with the additional information that he transferred N30m of the said money to Norway. But he could not explain the whereabouts of the balance of N61m. The suspect was detained at about 7.30pm, in the absence of anybody to take him on bail. Six hours later, he suddenly complained of discomfort and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The incident has already been reported at the Wuse Police Station, where investigation into the cause of the sudden death has commenced.



  1. Since he hasn’t been convicted by any court and has been kept above 24hours, i advice d family 2claim damages from efcc cos no law admits such undemocratic and unlawful careleznez.

    • @ Ola, u ar Olodo
      They said 6hr after arest
      He might even plan with d doctors, all dis while he didn’t die why now?
      Is there sence in that?
      What of d N91m he collected?

  2. The Guy Has Left2 Norway With The Remaining N30 Mill After He Has Settled The E.F.C.C With The Untraceable N61 Mill. Its A Good Business With A Nice Cover Up Story Frm The E.F.C.C.

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