Lepacious Bose claps back at fan who asked her not to lose weight, shares more throwback photos

Lepacious Bose has lost a lot of weight and she is proud of how far she has come and how her success story is motivating others to lose weight.

Lepacious Bose

Lepacious Bose 2

Lepacious Bose 3

Lepacious Bose 4

A fan took it upon himself to tell her not to lose weight and ‘stop hurting’ herself. Well she clapped back at the fan on Facebook and wrote on her IG page:

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On your journey in life not everybody will celebrate you. Guard your space jealousy so bad belle people will not distract you.

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life……

Remember what I always say no bi only person weh dey fly for night be witch. Some people are actually more evil than the devil himself. Abi ke! Se oro niyen? Msheeeeeeeeew

#stilltoolegittoquit #storybehehindeveryglory

She wrote: Guess who? Fat na bastard joor! Throwback of life!



  1. Abeg she tried jare in losing some weight, who wouldn’t be happy, knowing she can make it this way by losing some weight.bad belle peeps everywhere. Ones hapiness will just be irritating them.

  2. I love her now too much fat is not even good as for the fan sometimes pple should learn to mind their own business

  3. Lepacious Bose… U too much..dont mind de haters..cis by losing weight u look sweet, beautiful , healthy…and above all longer healthy life accompanies weight loss. Obesity is quick ticket to early grave. Long life lepacious Bose…we love ur courage!

  4. The truth of the matter is you are a fat woman, its becos of your gene, not totally your own carelessness so be careful how you do this flaunting, its not easy to remain slim, you will still gain weight. I admire your courage though but learn to appreciate every comment. The guy might not mean any harm with his comment

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