Shocking! Woman’s Coffin Mysteriously Becomes Too Heavy to Be Carried to the Grave by Pallbearers

In what will come across as a most shocking story in recent times, a woman’s coffin has refused to be carried to the grave.

heavy coffin

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The South African village of Transkaai experienced a most shocking development recently after a dead woman’s coffin got too heavy for people to carry.

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According to South Africa Latest News, the woman’s husband killed her after she questioned him on his extra marital affairs. The confrontation is said to have gone physical and the husband hit her with a sharp object and she died on the spot.

The woman’s family reportedly refused to accept the death of their daughter and demanded compensation from the husband before burying her.

The husband tried to negotiate with the family because he did not have the R50 000 and 32 cows they wanted.

In the end, the frustrated man decided to go against the family’s demands and bury the woman by force. The woman was taken to be buried but that was when things got strange.

A source said , “As they took it, all the coffin bearers started feeling week and had to put it on the ground. When they tried to lift it up again, it was extremely heavy, they could not lift it”

Upon realising this, the husband, who is a soldier, asked his friends to help him, but they also failed to move the coffin an inch.

Strong men were summoned to lift the coffin but all failed. It was then they realised they were dealing with the supernatural.

None of the woman’s family members attended the scene. And when contacted about the strange things happening, they still refused to go to the scene.

“We phoned them and the father said he does not have a dead daughter. He said we should go to him as he had given us a chance to make things right and we snubbed him” The emotional husband narrated.

It was only after the husband sourced R21 ooo and 9 cattle did they finally manage to move the coffin.

But he was reportedly told to get the balance before August this year or he was going to see hell on earth.



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