Shocking! Angry In-laws Pursue Man to the Market and Cut His Throat in Broad Daylight

A shocking incident has claimed the life of a man after his in-laws pursued him to the market square and beat him mercilessly before slitting his throat in public.

A bizarre incident has seen angry father-in-law and his two brothers in-law cut a man’s throat after pursuing him in the market place.

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According to reports, the man’s throat was slit by relatives of his wife who disapproved of their marriage in the latest “honour killing” to hit Pakistan.

Police said the incident took place on at a marketplace in the Punjab city of Burewala on Friday, when Muhammad Irshad, 43, was attacked by his father-in-law and two brothers in-law, police said.

“The assailants were armed with knives and hatchets and after inflicting several wounds on Irshad´s body they slit his throat,” district police chief Ghazi Salahuddin told reporters.

The victim who had married Mussarat Bibi, the daughter of a rich local agricultural family, had fled about an year ago as he feared his in-laws would kill him because they did not approve of his marriage to their daughter.

However, he recently returned to see his parents, in a bid to settle issues before the unfortunate incident happened.

The police are not looking after the killers who fled since the incident. This is the latest ‘honour killing’ in Pakistan.

Honour killing is the homicide of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief the victim has brought dishonour upon the family or community.

The death of the victim is viewed as a way to restore the reputation and honour of the family



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