EFCC traces N4.7bn arms cash to Fayose and Obanikoro

Fresh facts have emerged over the freezing of the bank account of Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose‎ by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

This is just as detectives of the anti-graft agency have allegedly traced about N4.745billion of the diverted $2. 1billion arms cash to a former Minister of State (Defence), Musiliu Obanikoro and Governor Fayose.

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The cash was sourced from the SAS Imprest Account of the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) under ex-NSA Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.) prior to the conduct of the June 21, 2014 Ekiti State governorship election, according to the EFCC.

Others linked with the sharing of the slush funds include Fayose’s associate, Abiodun Agbele (Alias Abbey); Mrs. Helen Olayemi Fayose; Obanikoro’s sons — Gbolahan and Babajide — Ikenna Ezekwe; Sylvan Mcnamara Limited (a company allegedly run by the Obanikoros); Spotless Hotel, owned by Fayose and De Privateer Limited, which is owned by Agbele.

According to documents obtained by the Nation, EFCC investigators discovered that a firm, Sylvan Mcnamara Limited, allegedly owned by Obanikoro and his sons, was used to launder the N4.745billion.

The directors of the company, which was incorporated in November 2011, are: a close aide of the ex-Minister, Ikenna Ezekwe (700,000 shares) of 51 Simpson Street, Ebute-Metta; Idowu Oshodi (299,000 shares) of 8, Prince Tayo Adesanya Street, Park View Estate, Ikoyi; and Elizabeth Adebiyi (1,000 shares) of 3, Adedoyin Street, Ijeshatedo, Surulere.

“To set the stage for the use of the company for money laundering, the board of directors on May 7, 2012 passed a resolution that the company should open an account and appointed Mr. Gbolahan Obanikoro, Ikenna Ezekwe, Ms.

Theresa Matuluko (Secretary) and Mr. Babajide Obanikoro as the signatories to the account.

“The board added that the signing combination be that any of the signatories can sign alone.”

According to the EFCC, when it was time to illegally draw the N4.745billion from ONSA for election, Obanikoro made the account of Sylvan Mcnamara Limited available and coordinated the disbursement.

The breakdown of the disbursement is N759, 384, 300 changed into dollars through bureaux de change; N160 million spent on cars through Balmoral International Limited; N1, 219, 490,000 ferried by Obanikoro in two flights to a branch of Zenith Bank at Plot 13, Alagbaka Estate, Akure to evacuate the cash and received by Fayose’s associate, Abiodun; balance of about N2billion withdrawn by Obanikoro and his two children in cash.

Some of the bureaux de change and the amounts credited to them include A.A.G.B.S Oil and Gas (N168,000,000.00); Sylvan Mcnamara Ltd (N167,500,000.00); Northline Ltd (N835,000.00); Northline Ltd (N83,750,000.00); Five Star Ltd N(37,600,000.00); A.B.A Trading Ent (N268,301,500.00); Villagolf Bureaux De (N1,425,000.00); Ahmad Ahmad &Omar (N350,000.000); Northline Ltd (N1,680,000.00); Northline Limited A (N2,325,300); Rehoboth Homes (N20,000,0000); Northline Ltd (N5,932,500.00); Northline Ltd (N842,500); Northline Ltd (N842,500.00).

The EFCC also exposed how N1, 219, 490,000 was allegedly flown to Akure Airport on June 12, 2014 to Fayose through his associate, Abiodun Agbele (aka Abbey).

The document on the EFCC’s findings claimed that, “On June 12, 2014, the sum of N1, 219, 490,000 was flown from Lagos to Akure Airport by Musiliu Obanikoro through a chartered plane (HS 125 jet) with a tail number N638MA.

The plane belongs to Okin Travels which is a subsidiary of Elizade Motors. But the aircraft was then managed by OAS Helicopters for commercial/ chartered service.

“The ex-minister was accompanied by his military Aide-de-Camp who introduced himself as A.O. Adewale.

“The N1, 219, 490,000 was in two consignments but flown in the same aircraft twice in the morning and in the evening. From FAAN records, the first cash of N724, 500,000 arrived at Akure Airport at an estimated time of 9.38am and the second was at 17.57hours.

“A bullion van was brought by Zenith Bank to the tarmac at the airport in Akure to evacuate the cash to Zenith Bank at Plot 13, Alagbaka Estate, Akure.

“Obanikoro handed over the funds to Fayose’s associate, Abiodun Agbele (alias Abbey). This Abiodun in company with the bank officials moved the money to Zenith Bank in Akure.”

The EFCC gave details of how the N1, 219, 490,000 was shared to Fayose and others by Agbele.

The document added, “The N1, 219, 490,000 was not deposited in any account but it was kept in a vault in the bank. It took the bank officials about 10 days to count. The bankers refused to make entry until it was counted,
“Shortly after confirming the figure, Abiodun was used to coordinate the disbursement of the funds. On June 26, 2014, the wanted associate (Abiodun Agbele) paid N137million into Ayodele Fayose’s account 10003126654 with Zenith Bank through Teller-0556814. Fayose’s BVN on the teller is 22338867502. On August 22, 2014, he paid N50million into the same account. By the records from the bank, Abiodun paid another N118, 760,000 into Fayose’s account on 27/8/14.

“Based on the transfers, Fayose moved N300million to a Fixed Deposit Account No9013074033 with Zenith Bank at 15, Olusola Abiona Street, Olorunda Estate, Alapere Ketu. He has the same BVN-22338867502.

“After that, Abiodun deposited another N100million from the N1, 219, 490,000 into Spotless Hotel Account run by Fayose and Helen Olayemi Fayose with Account No. 1010170969, Fayose’s BVN is 223338867502 and Helen’s BVN in the account is 22298990256.



  1. finaly fakeyose is about to go down.ur bvn number is there no way to tell us lie again. Fakeyose or fayotheif let me just call u fayolie becouse u graduated from the univasity of lie.ur cup is full

  2. What is that ur name. Fayolie,fayothie,fayorobber or what ever u called urself this time around u must go dawn together with ur friend obanikoro the senior amrobber.

    • Peters! Believing them does not change the fact that the man is involved in this scandal.
      His bvn, particulars of the chopper that conveyed the cash to akure, his bank accounts are all being revealed here. What other evidence to you need?
      I am sure even if fayose comes to you to, I did it, you still would not believe.
      I hail!!

  3. Thug Fayose, it is time to go to Prison. Your cups are excessively full. In fact, I am tired of seeing you in the media. You are A Disgrace Governor to your State.

  4. Let’s give it to President Buhari, he has chosen a path not so politically correct as he has demonstrated patriotism on a bipartisan cadence.
    Nigerians should support this novel intrusion into the corrupt conclaves of state governments.
    Apc governors would also be cut in this web but the president is standing with Nigerians.
    Lawyers would try to frustrate the novelty as usual but patriotic resilience of well meaning Nigerians will prevail.
    Pls let’s support the Efcc.God bless Nigeria.

  5. Just imagine the way Nigerian politicians stole our money
    .For commentators Kas and Peter, I wonder what kind of persons you are. Instead of applauding the EFCC for a good job, you are trivializing the serious topic. Maybe, you are beneficiaries of the loot and associates of the looters
    We must get serious about the way and manner our political elites are sucking the country.

    • @Buddy, God bless you for standing for good reasoning and clear intelligence. They are needful if Nigeria is to move forward. God bless our Nation

  6. Let us pray;

    O God of creation
    Nigeria as a country is in Your Hands
    Nigerians as a people are in Your Hands
    Let Your will alone be done;
    Wash this Nation clean
    and judge every wickedness in every quarters
    That this country that You love so much may know the two things we sing in our national anthem;

  7. Good job EFCC! But what is good for the goose is also for the gander. For transparency sake, PMB & EFCC should please continue to probe all fundings for 2015 elections especially Apc & PDP. This is the reason States are unable to pay salaries and our current economic challenges.

  8. Hello friends, is it that this $2.1b still remained in the house of some politicians which we are yet to know. Which kind of heartless politicians do we have in this country call Nigeria

  9. All politicians are the same. Did Buhari not receive 300,000 naira or thereabout from the same 2.1Billion Dollars Arms fund? How would thieves call other thieves names when they are all thieves

  10. Yes, @queen! @kas if u hav been following Fayose vs Buhari you’d agree he left governing Ekiti for personally policing the president. He went too far. Okk…”no single politician is pure” but how many are talking, not to say barking? Yes @maka: He who comes to equity should come with clean hands.

  11. Thanking good Lord for Buhari… God has used Buhari to visit this country call Nigeria.
    VP Fayose and graduate Obanikoro… Please let us know which prison you like most Kirikiri Lagos or Kuje in Abuja? Barawossss…. Bansa

  12. Oh!,I just re-cross checked.Fayosee’s BVN is 12 Digits while he’s so called wife Helen’s is 11 Digits.
    How comes?.
    I beg I need explanation.Just like I said before,My BVN Na 7 Digits.Or do we now have 1st,2nd,3rd class nigerians etc?.

  13. Dias no bvn of 7 digits. Go nd see your account officer for proper education. Bvn is usually 11 digits. D 12 digits is probably a mistake or a special one for d immunity governors unfortunately d immunity is not strong enough nd d sickness of investigation crept in quietly. Oga Adefayose, answer your name…kirikiri or Alagbon. You abv reaped d fruits of your labour. Basket mouthas if youre d only gov dat has mouth. Good riddance to bad rubbish

  14. This just the beginning, Nigerians will be so surprised by the outcome and revelations by the time the cleansing is finished. Your hospitals, your schools, your environment and you reputation all over the world was being bastardised by these shameless thieves you called leaders so much so that Nigerians in diaspora sometimes are shameful to say they are Nigerians. So now know people, the power is in your hands to turn the country around for good. To hell with immunity raise your voices to let this thief face the music now, it’s payback time Fayose OWN UP!

  15. Let’s give it to President Buhari, he has chosen a path not so politically correct as he has demonstrated patriotism on a bipartisan cadence.
    Nigerians should support this novel intrusion into the corrupt conclaves of state governments.
    Apc governors would also be caught in this web but the president is standing with Nigerians.
    Lawyers would try to frustrate the novelty as usual but patriotic resilience of well meaning Nigerians will prevail.
    Pls let’s support the Efcc.God bless Nigeria.

  16. It is shame when our corruption fight becomes selective. As recently as the last Local Govt Electons in Rivers State, APC flew a plane load of cash at midnight into PHC for Amechi to use in subverting the will of the Rivers people. Wike had sensed this move and declared 2 days public holiday so APC couldn’t move the money through the banks. The bullion vans were parked inside Novotel from where it was disbursed by Amechi. WHO IS FOOLING WHO??? ALL OF THEIR HANDS ARE BADLY SOILED. IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.

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