1. Make i grab popcorn, some wailing wailers are gonna come now a say he is a fake igbo because he speaks the truth.

    • There are a lot of nigerian whose property and account is freezed I was in Effc a year ago a department of assets forfeiture at Ikoyi Lagos so please allow the agency do their r job.critisn is a major feacture of government or democracy but let do it in a constructive manner maintaining decorum. Also all this money belongs to all of us as a nation but not for 1;or a few nigerians .when someone is a suspect also allow this people or persons to clear themselves finally let’s check our value system is seriously broken down

  2. u r a disappointment 2 law student, educational institutions n our generation present n unborn. u pple just detest fayose bcus he is apc critic but dat is d beauty of democracy. wat is d essence of his immunity as a siting govno? let him finish his tenure den efcc can go after him, all d embattled former governors were allowed 2 finish their tenure, n all dose calling him names including aisha buhari r lunatics

  3. Prof,you are one of the main reasons nigeria can’t move forward.what about the judgement delivered by justice gabriel kolawole on the freezing of accounts without a valid court order?

  4. This is a geniuine law guru,unlike one charge and bail lawyer who was out there yesterday trying to spin the law in favour of the confused Fayose

  5. @Rasheed I can now see u just graduated from yaba apa osi (psychiatric hospital) am sure u r such a dump skulled nigerian who doesnt even know his right from d left in d place of constitutional law , ok in case u r not dat lettered let me helo u with what d constitution say , immunity only prevent d governor from being prosecuted in d court of law but does not prevent dem from being investigated okay?

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