You don’t have luxury to dictate how corruption will be fought – APC tells PDP

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has reacted to a statement by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP senators, in which they announced the withdrawal of support for President Muhammadu Buhari, advising the opposition lawmakers to concentrate on the business of lawmaking in the interest of the nation.

The ruling party further reminded the PDP and its agents that they do not have the luxury of dictating how the Buhari administration and anti-corruption agencies investigate and prosecute cases of corruption, provided it conforms with the rule of law.

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This is contained in a statement issued on Wednesday by the APC national secretary, Mai Mala Buni, which reads, “The attention of the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been drawn to a statement credited to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senate caucus stating that it has withdrawn its support for the government of President Muhammadu Buhari over the administration’s hugely successful war against corruption.

“The PDP caucus must be reminded of their primary responsibility of lawmaking and representation of their constituents at the national assembly.

The APC advises the PDP senate caucus not to allow political shenanigans to becloud overall national interest.

“The PDP and their agents do not have the luxury of dictating how the current administration and anti-corruption agencies carries out its legitimate duty of investigating and prosecuting cases of corruption, as long as it conforms to the rule of law.”

The party in power further dismissed the allegation that the anti-corruption war of the current government was selective, and advised the PDP to approach anti-graft agencies with proof of corruption against anybody.

It continued, “The PDP caucus allegations of a selective anti-corruption fight and ‘belligerent’ stance of the current administration is hogwash and baseless. If the PDP and its agents have proof of corruption against anybody, the APC advises that they approach anti-graft agencies constitutionally mandated to handle such cases instead of declaring innocence on newspaper pages and other media outlets.

The APC urges anti-corruption agencies not to be stampeded and blackmailed by this new plot and continue to employ all legitimate avenues in investigating and prosecuting ongoing corruption cases.

The generality of Nigerians clamour for all looters of public funds to be brought to book. The APC assures Nigerians that the political will and sincerity of purpose of the current administration to tackle corruption remains resolute.”



  1. APC Its Shielding Bunch of corrupt criminals from facing charges,EG,Atiku,Tinubu,Amaechi,until these men are charged PDP Still stand that the war its Selective,But soon APC Will be kicked out and Nigeria can regain her Glory!

    • Let it be selective. Na u sabi. The people efcc is prosecuting, are they guilty or not? When u get to power, u too should do ur selective prosecution, stupid man

  2. If APC wants to fight corruption, they should probe as follows:
    Buhari certificate
    Halliburton Scandal
    Sahara Energy/APC campaign fund.

  3. It will take some of you eternity to wake up from your slumber. Why has it been so difficult for any of you together with the combined PDP chieftains to petition the EFCC with evidence of corrupt practices against the people you continue to mention as corrupt? How can anyone in his right sense expect Buhari to start fighting corruption from 1999,why didn’t your GEJ do that with his six years in power? Besides,Buhari has not even gotten to the states yet,he’s still busy with Dasukigates.

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