Brutal Woman who cut off her step-son’s penis in Minna has been arrested (Graphic photos)

This gruesome incident happened two days ago in Minna, Niger State. If you missed the story, read here.

step-son's penis 1

step-son's penis 2

step-son's penis 3

step-son's penis 4

The woman named Bara’atu (pictured) is the stepmother of the victim.

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She allegedly cut off his penis out of ‘jealousy’ and has now been arrested & placed in custody.

The boy survived the incident and is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Minna.

Doctors are urgently trying to provide a way for him to urinate.



  1. Jesus Christ let her private parts also be cut off so she feels the pains. A month old baby, people are so cruel. instead of her to pray to conceive on time she is looking for the downfall of another

  2. Ahhh! Jesus Christ is Lord!! Father in heaven i pray oh Lord let this innocent little boy survive this evil act done on him IJMN. The woman should be brought to justice by sentencing her to death by hanging!

  3. Oh Jesus Christ of Nazareth,what a wicked human being. I support Ebony for let them first cut off her virgina instantly.Secondly,throw her to jail with real hard labour for 2 years minimum. Execute her thereafter.

  4. All these malapropism are rarity even some ten years ago.I think the nation is now a conclave of some brutal Mephistopheles pretending to be humans.
    If they are not some armed robbers,they would be insurgents, kidnappers or militants engaging in killing spree.In the Nigeria of today sanctity of human life is removed,women have lost the differential genetics in humanity and mercy to the banality of murderous rampage.
    Thomas Hobbes must be flabbergasted in his grave at the Nigeria”s hobbesian exactitude.

  5. Infact, I need not to be speechless, I advise that whoever is in charge of her custody should first of all cut off her two legs, the following day her two hands be cut off, on the third day let her two breast be removed, allow her to go through all the pains with bleeding, in her last moment pluck out her two eyes and put a knife on her throat to bid her good bye.

  6. Jeeeesssuuuusssss xrist!The urgly looking bitch does not deserve to live but rather be put to death by hanging, justice must be sought for the poor.

  7. She is nothing but a wich. Witches are not to be spared. She shd be stoned to death. Wicked woman, no, she is not even a woman. Bitch

  8. Omg, jealousy? Over what? Has the legal system truly investigated this evil person. It is so important to find out. As for baby I’mean so happy to hear of his survival however I can’t help but to think of all the upcoming problems that must be delt with. What is our world coming too? It’s so sad to read about actions of people who even think in such a manner. Life in prison. I can’t imagine rehabilitation ever. Omg I’m in shock…

  9. I’m back because this bothers me. As for the step parent; life in prison it should be. Death penalty would be too easy. My concerns are for the child. What happens next? Surgery to help him urinate, possibly another surgery dealing with restructuring, then a life time of counseling. I’ve raised 6 children of my own and I can’t imagine someone having the ordacity to do such an evil act….Can I have this child? My heart cries out for him….

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