Recent Ikorodu killings linked to Niger Delta Avengers

Fresh revelations have linked the dreaded Niger Delta Avengers to the spate of killings in Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos, in the past days.


Feelers from security circles said that the gunmen who invaded some local communities in Ikorodu at different times between Monday and Friday may have come in on the invitation of resident Ijaw youths who raised false alarm of being under siege after security office gunned down two suspected armed robbers who were later identified as being of Ijaw origin.

It was gathered that the affected communities had a large concentration of Ijaw indigenes given their proximity to the rivers in the outskirt of the Ikorodu township.

Another security source said their had been an upsurge of Ijaw youths moving into the Lagos community and neighbouring Ogun State since the recent onslaught against the Niger Delta Avengers, a violent Ijaw group which has been involved in the bombing of oil installations in the South-south region.

The source said that the heat unleashed on suspected militants at the Niger Delta region of the country by soldiers from the Nigerian Army assigned to displaced the militants may have provoked the bloodbath which occurred throughout last week in communities around Lagos and Ogun state.

Insider sources disclosed following the sustained war between the soldiers and militants around the creeks in states like Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River, some militants were forced to fled these states and relocate to Lagos and Ogun state.

This may have swelled the number of militants residents around Elepete and Igbo Olomu in Ogijo, two border communities between the two states, regarded as communities with the highest concentration of Ijaws, a source who spoke off records, allergies.

However, there are strong indications that the Acting Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, on Saturday ordered the Zone 2 Police Command to re-strategize on how best to contain the re-occurring clashes between militants, vandals and security agents around border communities in Lagos and Ogun state.

It was gathered that as soon the latest clash at Elepete and Igbo Olomu in Ogijo, in which about 35 are reportedly killed became public, IGP Kpotun Idris put a call through to Fatai Owoseni, Lagos state police commissioner, and Abdulmajid Ali, his counterpart in Ogun State to strategize on how best to stop the bloody clash.

Idris was said to have also called Bala Hassan, an Assistant Inspector-General of Police In-Charge of Zone 2 Police Command, which is acting as the supervisory command to Lagos and Ogun state police command.

It was further gathered that it was likely that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad from Lagos and Ogun Police Commands may be tinkered upon as part of the game-plan to ensure that fresh police intelligence officers from the two commands are deployed to these communities on more intelligence gathering.

There is already a combined team of the police and military personnel deployed in the troubled communities to contain the new wave of violence.

It could be recalled that following the bank robbery which took place early this year, which caught the police off guard, Owoseni was forced to deploy a unit of the Special Task Force, (SARS) from the Lagos State Police Command permanently to Ikorodu.

It is likely that with the rampaging activities of suspected militants in collaboration with vandals, the SARS team may be re-shuffled, a senior police officer, who spoke off records disclosed.

The Lagos police boss confirmed this when he said that since the militants used the cover of the night to operate the police in Lagos and Ogun have directed 24-hour surveillance around the war-torn communities.



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