Buhari can’t change Nigeria – APC chieftain

The Taraba State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Hassan Jika Ardo, has expressed concern over the expectation of Nigerians on the President, Muhammadu Buhari, stating that the President cannot change Nigeria alone.

The state party chairman, who spoke to some journalists in Abuja, stated that Buhari is not a miracle worker or prophet, therefore cannot fix the myriad of problems plaguing the country.

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Asked his impression about the state of the nation under President Muhammadu Buhari, he said: “I know that people are worried and disturbed.

“Those people looking for appointments are worried. Those who want miracles to happen are also worried. But let’s not deceive ourselves. This country has been bastardised over the past 16 years. You can also take it back to the military era.

“President Buhari is not an angel. He is not a prophet. He is a human being like anyone of us. We need to change our own attitude for this country to change. Only Buhari cannot change this country. People expect miracles to happen within one year. They are saying that ‘they can’t see anything. They don’t put food on the table’.

“I don’t think we are helpful to ourselves. It took us time before we got our independence. The amalgamation took place in 1914. But we got independence in 1960.

The PDP government has ruined this country. They stole our money and invested it outside. It is not yielding anything for us. It is not employing our youth, yet they expect Buhari to do miracles in one year because people know that he is honest. He doesn’t steal. He doesn’t have any account abroad. Why should we be deceiving ourselves?

“It is not true that everything will change overnight. Let us cast our minds back, there was a time when crude oil was sold at the rate of $140 per barrel. How much is the crude oil today? People need to adjust. You need to look at this. Even if you are employing somebody, you need to source money.”



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