Popular Ghanaian Actress Shows Off Bare Bum in Public at Golden Movie Awards (Photos)

A Ghanaian actress has stunned people with her style of dressing as she stormed a movie awards ceremony showing off her bare bum.




Bibi Bright, pictured above, is a Ghanaian actress who is regarded as one of the most controversial stars in the industry.

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The actress recently stunned observers with her outfit to the 2016 Golden Movie Awards.Bibi appeared in a sheer outfit, which looked like she was wearing nothing beneath, showing off her bum and drawing major attention with all eyes focused on her.

Many people have however slammed her choice of outfit to an event as public as a movie awards ceremony.



  1. simply a style malfunction. the flowery design failed to sit a bit lower…hence the flashing. the bum looks nasty though and too physic robust for the style…just shows that some of these so called celebrities need stylists.

  2. It is unfortunate that we in Africa copy the wrong things from the European and American fashion scene. What she has done is to copy what the majority of the film stars Byonce etc wore at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL A FEW WEEKS AGO!!! What is acceptable there is not acceptable in African culture.

  3. It’s beautiful

    There is nothing wrong with women, including African womem, showing off their beautiful bodies.

    Provocative fashion has always been part of Africa culture. Look at Igbo women cultural dances. The women are clad with bras and raffia palm in the waist, that the show of theor nice shapes aND soculent bodies

    Sexual crimes are high in Africa because of hypocrisy of African men. Instead of speaking up of heinous crimes committed against women in the dark, we express hypocritical disgust against women who, harmlessly, show off their beautiful bodies in the open

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