Citizens Go to Work N*ked After President Mistakenly Asked Them to ‘Get Undressed and Work’ (Photos)

Many have turned up to work n*ked and others half-n*ked after the president made a slip by asking them to come to work undressed.








A president’s slip of tongue has seen his people going n*ked and scantily dressed to work in honour of his proposal.
According to reports, Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, 61, mixed up his words during a speech on new technology.

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He said: ‘Innovations, IT-technologies, privatisation – it is all clear. We’ve conquered all of them. But everything is very simply, one should get undressed and work,’

Many have taken his speech at face value. The president had actually wanted to tell people to ‘develop themselves’ – however the phrase sounds very similar to ‘get undressed’ in Russian.

What many described as a ‘Freudian slip’ instantly went viral on local internet forums and triggered a saucy flashmob event on social media.

Dozens of people posted pictures of themselves at work including n*ked and semi-n*ked businessmen and women at their desks.

Musicians also shared video footage of them performing songs n*ked.

A female assistant in an electronics store posted a picture of herself with only a keyboard protecting her modesty.

And a joiner uploaded an alarming picture of himself working in the n*de with a circular saw in front of his groin.

Other images included a bikini-clad brunette chopping wood with an axe, a rock band posing naked but for their instruments, and a young, tanned woman gardening in nothing but tiny shorts.

Tattoo artists, radio hosts, journalists and even construction workers were soon stripping off at work to join in the fun.

All of the participants of the flashmob posted their photos online, with the hash tag #getnakedandgotowork, where they instantly went viral.

Belarus is a landlocked country bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Russian is the main language, spoken by 72 per cent of the population, while Belarusian, the official first language, is spoken by fewer than 12 per cent.



  1. Russian people are dense,what their President is trying to say is that with the aid of technology,their work will be advance and faster

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