1. Please they should let this man be. This is a governor of a state and should not be humiliated like this only because he speaks the truth. This is what happens when an illiterate is the president of a country. This buhari is becoming a Tyrant.
    Just Negodi!!

  2. President Buhari is a confused man and illiterate governing the elite, this is democracy freedom of speech if any one talk against his governance he uses EFCC to chase them during president Goodluck Jonanthan every body called him different name he was very calm never arrested any body, than is an example of a good leader, Buhari should go get some education this is digital age not analog he does not even have a laptop not to talk of how to operate computer how is he going to rule a country were 80% are graduate literate he has no knowledge. Well I dey here dey read post every day lol

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