1. This must be the Pastor of the church where Fayose went to give thanksgiving after rigging his election and was rolling on the floor as a show of piety. I guess with the freezing of Fayose’s account the tithes and offerings are no longer rolling in, hence the alarm this pastor is raising against his perceived enemy , EFCC.

  2. I don’t think the pastor should have intervened in this mess Fayose brought upon himself. Let the law decide whatever will happen

  3. When offering quantity and frequency is affected negatively, you see pastors supporting corruption rather than teaching that corruption is a sin. Shameless

  4. Why is this pastor panicing over Fayose issue. Fayose said his money is clean, no problem .he should just allow the EFCC to finish their investigation and return his money back to him . Afterall he is not under arrest. If the governor himself is clean he should just stop making noise and stop organizing unnecessary rally to this effect. its just a question of time. If his workers can wait for six months of hunger how much more a big boy like him. Leave EFCC alone and let’s everyone forget about quoting useless laws. When they are done the real result shall come out. This passport supposed to be praying for better Nigerian. Freezing account of anybody should not be any churches or pastors deal.

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