Interesting!!! Man with Microp*nis reveals his Secret for pleasuring women… No 2 is a Hit

You will surely need this! It is not all about the size of a man’s p*nis when it comes to s*x. A man who is under-endowed has revealed how he pleasures his hot wife.


A guy with a microp*nis spilled all his best sex secrets and sordid advice about how to really please a woman in the bedroom.  Dailystar revealed that Jim opened up about the wealth of knowledge he’s learnt about ladies despite being under-endowed.

First off, you might be wondering how small a microp*nis really is and it’s something even scientists are confused about.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Research in Pediatric Endocrinology, an adult guy with a stretched, flaccid schlong measuring less than 3.6 inches (9.3cm) has a microp*nis.

Jim’s manhood measures 2.75 inches when erect but he has a completely average girth and is married to a “hot woman”.

Coming from a man with a tiny todger, here’s four ways to sexually satisfy your partner:

  1. Knowledge is power

Jim advises schooling yourself on how to pleasure a woman, from learning about the female anatomy to memorising her erogenous zones – and don’t just rely on your oral skills.

“When you can’t rely on what God gave you to hit the spot, you are morally and ethically obligated to hit the spot by any means necessary,” Jim told Men’s Health.

“As a micropenised, you have to be willing to be anything goes sexually. Leave your hang ups at the door.”

  1. Work on your game

The sexpert said it’s important to experiment with what positions work for her, but also be aware that the first couple of inches inside a woman’s vagina is the most sensitive part.

“So I’m hitting a sweet spot just by being me,” he added.

  1. Have self-confidence

Just because a man has a huge schlong doesn’t mean he knows how to use it to his best ability.

If you’re lacking in the trouser department don’t let it tarnish your ego, feeling comfortable in your own skin will immediately boost your sex appeal.

Jim reckons it’s better to show off your personality and substance by making your partner laugh or being a good listener.

  1. Not everyone is sexually compatible

Some ladies will be obsessed with todger size, but Jim says don’t sweat it or take it personally.

Everyone has their own different sexual preferences that need satisfying.

He said: “The right guy for her is out there, and so is the right girl for you.”



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