1. @Kas your comment is not explicit what are you insinuating? They should let fayose be and enjoy his crooked money? After several soldiers have lost there life due to this heartless act. Pls come back and explain better….

  2. Hmnnnnnn……. Eheeeeee…….Heavens will not rest over these looters until they are all brought to justice. Fayose ole! Musiliu Obanikoro and Co inclusive. Nemesis will catch up with all of u & ur family members in Jesus mighty name. Awon obayeje, ojelu, onimo tara eni nikan!

  3. Wow!! These guys don finish the country. They claimed to be serving the ordinary people, but their pockets. You know what? I think the country to introduce DEATH PENALTY for anyone in public office cut in corruption! Plain and simple.

  4. That senseless Kas has never had any good contribution on this platform, I think he should be made a persona non granta here. As for Fayose, he will surely pay for these atrocities he had committed bc God of justice will catch up with all the looters of our common wealth very soon including those ones who ran Into APC for protection. The hand of God is big enough to fish them out.

  5. @Kas. Can I say that all Nigerians are thieves including Kas? Your statement above is faulty. It’s wrong to overgeneralise…

  6. Ignore kas comments on this platform, he has never contributes intelligently, is a small minded fellow. As for looters, their days are numbered with trends of ongoing investigation.

  7. @ kas, do not forget that it is PMB administration that is making this discoveries a reality.

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