Shocking!!! Generator fumes kill Delta Pastor two years after his wife, 4 kids died in fire incident … See Photo

51-year-old Pastor John Kayoda of Christ Apostolic Church, Warri, in a most saddening and pathetic twist of fate,who lost his entire family, a wife and four adorable children, to fire incident on September 25, 2014, died on June 26, 2016, as a result of inhalation of generator fumes.

generator pastor

The deceased who was recently transferred from Warri to Love District, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Ekapamre in Ughelli South Local Gov­ernment Area of Delta State a fortnight ago was residing in Agbarho, his home town when the incident occurred.

According to reports,  the deceased, an Urhobo, had placed the generator in the corridor of his resi­dence and slept off. Res­idents of Agbarho were saddened and grieved when news filtered in that the pastor was killed by generator fumes.

Reacting to the un­fortunate incident, the Chairman of the Coordi­nating Council of Christ Apostolic Church, Warri District, Pastor Emman­uel Orode, described the incident as shocking, mysterious and bad omen.

“This is beyond human comprehension that Pas­tor John Kayoda, who lost his entire family of five while attending a general meeting of pastors at Ikeji Arakeji in Osun State, September 2014 has also died almost in the same circumstance,” Pastor Orode said in tears.

“God has his own pro­gramme for everybody, which cannot be changed by any mortal. However, it is unfortunate that he died in this circumstance. But, who are we to ques­tion the authority of God Almighty,” enthused the CAC Cleric.

“Above all, we thank God for his courage because when his fam­ily died, he did not lose courage. He was even stronger in the Lord. However, we give glory to God Almighty, the Cre­ator of heaven and earth,” he said as tears continued to flow freely and wet his collar.

He said the late pastor was posted from CAC Otumara, Olu’s Palace Warri to Ekekpamre, less than two weeks ago before he died.

“We are really sad, very sad over the painful demise of this strong, energetic and courageous young man. Now that the evil men have done their worst, they have nobody to kill again,” said the chairman, insisting that it is God that brings and takes life of human beings.

Orode noted that Pastor Kayoda’s name and achievements would remain in the annals of history of Christ Apos­tolic Church worldwide and in the mind of fellow Nigerians as well. The kinsmen of the deceased are still numb, shocked and inconsolable. Many of them were so moody and dumbstruck they just waved away effort to get a word from them.

One of his aunts, Mrs. Faith Ederi who lives at Orerokpe gazed at ceiling without saying anything particular to anybody.

Then at a point she turned towards the report­er and said: “Oga journal­ist, you can see that the evil people who are after the life of my brother have done their worst but we leave everything to God.”

Meanwhile Agbarho is wearing a sad mood, lamenting the untimely death of the pastor who they described as their illustrious son.




  1. This is strange wife and two children in fire accident, husband in fume accident also related to fire. i jes pray they won’t end up in hell fire

  2. A real child of God can not die a questionable death, when the edge is broken then serpent will bite, something went wrong somewhere but only God knows.

  3. He probably committed suicide dat way. Its not easy to be all alone after loosing a darling wife nd 4 adorable children at a go. He has been living in d house for over 2 weeks nd dat wont be his ist day of using d generator. God wl save us from untimely death ijn. My prayer is dat he wl make heaven

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