Shocking!!! See what happened to man who claims to be ‘Jesus the Prince of Peace’ … See Video Clip

A man claiming to be the son of God and gathering followers has landed in a very hot soup after police arrested him. Emmanuel Solomon Ssemakula claims that he is Jesus Christ the son of God. An alleged con man who has been spreading news that he is the son of God and gathering 144,000 people for God’s second coming has been apprehended by the police in Uganda.

Emmanuel Solomon Ssemakula claims to be Jesus Christ and the ‘prince of peace’ with a sizable number of followers who have fallen victim to his charm and antics.

The man who was arrested by the police alongside 9 of his followers has been accused of sabotaging government programmes as he instructs his followers to avoid medications and cooked food when ill. All they are to do is to pray to him to be healed.

Speaking about the incident, Police officer Lamech Kigozi, on Saturday, July 2, said the self-proclaimed Emmanuel would be charged to court for leading a cult.

“We are currently looking at a charge of convening an unlawful society. When they fall sick, they only kneel and pray and ask for blessing from this earthly Jesus (Solomon Ssemakula),” Kigozi told NTV Uganda.

Despite all the said charges, Solomon Ssemakula still maintains that he is Jesus and he is not afraid to say it out publicly. His ardent followers too believe him.



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