My current travails, plot to settle political score, says Fayose

Ekiti state Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has described his current travails in the hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), over the N4.7 billion arms scam, as a plot orchestrated by President Muhammadu Buhari to settle political scores.

The governor also said the allegation by the agency that he procured N1.5 billion multi-billion property using phoney companies was masterminded by the All Progressives Congress(APC) for the purpose of dimming the chances of his party during the 2018 governorship poll.

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Speaking at a well-attended rally organized by a newly formed Ekiti State Private Sector Union, an amalgamation of all informal unions in the state, Fayose denied collecting any money from the Office of National Security Adviser.

The Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers(NURTW), Mr Clement Adekola, his counterpart in the Road Transport Employers’ Association of Nigeria(RTEAN), Mr Samuel Agbede, and the leader of Okada Riders Association of Nigeria, Mr Dahunsi Olaniyi, were inaugurated as the Chairman, Secretary and Vice Chairman respectively, among other executive members.

While inaugurating the executive of the newly formed association, Fayose said the Buhari’s government will crumble if it wages war against him under the guise of anti-corruption war.

In his words, “They said I collected a sum of N1.3 billion from the office of the former National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki to fund my election. Some even said I collected it through Mr Musiliu Obanikoro.

“Let me put it on records that I did not know Col Dasuki and Obanikoro has not come out openly to indict me, because he has not returned from abroad .

“They said similar thing in 2006. It was all about second term then , because they didn’t want me to contest for second term. They said the N1.3b project which I initiated was a scam, but God brought me back.The APC and EFCC conspirators took me before a Judge and I got justice.

“When God says yes, nobody can say no. God has given me uncommon favour over my enemies. I am presently using the mandate of God and Ekiti people and they are ready to defend the mandate and that is why you proudly came out today to express support for me.

“Nigerians have never had it so bad like this. People are suffering and hungry and President Buhari says he is fighting corruption.

“How can the FG increase fuel from N86 to N145? The price of kerosene is now over N200.

“No act of intimidation and harassment will shut my mouth. I will continue to talk about national issues”, he said.

Fayose added that “Somebody from Ekiti gave President Buhari N1.5b for campaign, but today he is being seen as a saint. When you want to campaign or do marriage , people will give you money and my own can’t be an exemption. I am not afraid of incarceration or death.

“APC problem is 2018 and as the God liveth, they are going nowhere. We will stand up and defend our state and the money they said they have gotten through anti-corruption should be spent for Nigerians”, Fayose stated.

The union, which declared support for Fayose warned APC and EFCC against pursuing political vendetta against the governor.

The union, with over 80,000 membership across 40 unions , said coming under one umbrella was conceived as a way of increasing members’ access to good governance and to offer useful advice to the government on how best to run the state .

Addressing the crowd , the union’s Chairman, Mr Adekola and Secretary, Com. Agbede, warned the All Progressives Congress against destabilizing Ekiti over the lost it suffered during the June 21, 2014 governorship poll.

Agbede asserted that the alleged conspiracy between the federal government and the opposition will fail and won’t materialize, just as he condemned alleged use of federal might to rattle the governor.

He said: “It is our view that in every election, the choice remains that of the people and Ekiti people made their choice on June 21, 2014 and that choice must be respected. Those who have formed the habit of causing political instability whenever they lose election are hereby warned to desist from collaborating with external forces to cause

“Freedom of thought and expression is guaranteed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and in exercising these rights, Governor Fayose won’t be intimidated by any agency of the federal government”, Agbede stated.



    • @David: if it will take a mad dog to safe you and your family from being impoverished by Buhari lack of knowledge syndrome, why don’t you give him a chance? Or you prefer to remain a slave for life?

      • @charles, when there is glaring evidence that your “hero” accepted looted funds yet you are singing praises, one tends to wonder if you are benefiting from the stolen money. F***ked up world!

  1. This guy Fayose will always reman senseless
    If he calls Buhari’s highly laudable anti corruption drive witchhunting
    I wonder what the dope will call his masterminding of the battering of an Ekiti state serving judge,the killing of Daramola and the illegal sacking of the former Ekiti state house of assembly speaker before the end of his term as speaker
    Fayose is simply running mad

  2. @charsles I am not surprise at ur comment is simply a reflection of your naivety syndrome dat has been tactically injected to the system in Ekiti,upon all these revelations coming out from left right center n some idiots will still sit somewhere supporting Fayose n u want to be freed from poverty n secure the future of itself n ur children n dey are still supporting corruption?i can’t believe Ekiti state dat is supposedly expected to be a fountain knowledge is now a fountain of fools n idiots,I rest my case

    • @Ralph I am highly disappointed in you for calling Ekiti people fountain of fools and idiots. All in the name of Political issue, if I may ask you. Do you think any politician has feelings for the masses? It’s an act of disrespectful please apologise to Ekiti people.

  3. Governor Fayose should go are pay his state works, not by making noise everyday on media, if so where do you got #1.2billion that EFCC found in your Zenith bank account? If EFCC are liar why don’t you pay your works then for six months? And you went to go are saved #1.2billon in your account, why? ,when you can’t even pay your works for six months now,all those pens and papers robbers Buhari will dealt with them all.

  4. Mr Charles, pls do u see anything sensible or reasonable in wot Fayose had said? if yes…. then Pls search your sense of reasoning well … its likely to be faulty.
    … the money they said they have gotten through anti-corruption should be spent for Nigerians”,….. Fayose stated……Therefore, Fayose should also bring his own loots to benefit more people, perhaps the ekiti people he said he care for……. Mr Charles, i hope u know that It takes plenty of effort to get these stolen money from these set of rogues amidst plenty of denials and court cases like fayose himself is doing now. we will not relent until others like fayose vomit all our inheritance back so that it can be spent for the good of Nigerians

  5. Can we put tribalism aside and talk like A nation, Fayose in all ramifications does not worth a Governor, sentiment apart Buharis performance may be below our expectations but he is doing and with time we shall get there.

  6. Ekiti State is being governed by motor park touts, headed by Fayose. It is a great pity that the worst has been made to rule over educated elites due to stomach infrastructure. Fayose is not just a tout but he is a thief and he must go to jail for long years.

  7. While some paid agents will continue to beat the drum of religious and ethnic sentiments, there are millions who are patriotic enough to say it as is.
    Fayose is a head tout/looter who will end up in jail. Resort to cheap blackmail can not help him.
    Ekiti people stand up to be counted.

  8. By the virtue of his motor park head speech call association leader , you can see that the association is been sponsored. I only pity Ekiti guys who are brilliantly cajoling by these set of illiterates form an association to defend what they do not know.70% of the rally attendant does not know why they are there.that is just the gospel truth.

    Some came to see and know the governor for the first time who supposed to be in their farmland working neglected farm because of 1,000 Naira got free of charge.

    I know time shall tell them if we can not tell them. Praising a thief is at their risk.

  9. Hmm,dis Fayose is technically useless.He wants 2 use the road unions 2 gather support 4 him so as 2 cause chaos in dat luvly state.Obanikoro will betray and deny him.Useless idiot

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