81 killed in herdsmen attack in Benue state

No fewer than 81 persons have been reported dead during herdsmen attacks in Logo and Ukum council areas in Benue state in the last two weeks.


Attacks on communities in the locality have been consistent and have led to death of so many people. The traditional ruler of Logo council area, Chief Jimmy Meeme, who spoke to Channels Television said 70 people have been killed in six out of the 10 council wards in his domain.

Eyewitnesses also claim that Turan, Mbagber, Yonov and Tombo communities in Logo were attacked on the same day while Varser in Ukum Local Government came under siege, leaving 53 persons dead.

Speaking on the new statistics of the dead victims from the attack, the spokesman of the Benue State Police Command, ASP Moses Yamu, denied the claims, arguing that only 22 deaths were recorded in Logo and Ukum local government areas.



  1. You expect Buhari to go after his brothers?… Some of these cows you see around are owned by him. They rear them for him.

    Asking Buhari to do something about this herdsmen issue is like telling shekau to help solve Bokoharam insurgency. Dead on arrival.

  2. Villages should come together, arrange warriors and go after these people. Waiting for the FG and police is signing your death warrant

  3. @ Jide. Where will villages get the sophisticated weapons to defend themselves from. The types of weapons this guy use are better imagined. Anyway this is the first administration in this country that every of their shortcomings is accepted by the populate. Very dangerous act, but until we start to hold them responsible for this menace nothing will change. I know my Xtian brothers are busy praying now , when God already answered your prayers during the election it’s time to stand up for your right. They said they have defeated boko haram. This guy’s are worse than boko. They move freely in disguise and they are penetrating everywhere from North to South abi. Yet this administration is not to be blamed. Hmmmmm

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