EFCC is conducting investigation by “trial and error” – Fayose

Ekiti State Government has described as trial and error the investigation being conducted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The government disclosed that “officials of the EFCC stormed a popular Guest House on Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja today to seal off the property believing that Governor Fayose owned the Guest House only for the EFCC officials to be confronted with the fact that operator of the Guest House leased the property from its owner for ten years.”

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In a statement signed by the Special Assistant the State Governor on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the government said it was only in Nigeria that anti-corruption agency will first arrest suspect first before looking for evidences to prosecute the suspect.

The statement read; “Today, the EFCC demonstrated that it has been lying against Governor Fayose and other Nigerians all along by the failed attempt it made to seal off a property located on Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja that is being used as Guest House just because the governor used to lodge there.

“It was at the point of sealing off the property that the owner of the Guest House told the EFCC officials that he only leased the property for ten years from its owner, a former Chief of Defence Staff, who was also a one-time Minister of Defence.

“The EFCC operatives moved to the next building to the Guest House, which is the residence of the retired army general and they were told by the general’s wife that the building being used as Guest House as well the one next to it belonged to the general and not Governor Fayose.

“It is shocking that in its desperate bid to nail Governor Fayose so as to satisfy their paymasters, EFCC is going about claiming that properties owned by other law abiding Nigerians are owned by the governor and the result of this investigation by trial and error by the EFCC is the embarrassment it faced at Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja when its operatives went there to seal off a property belonging to a retired army general thinking that it belonged to the governor.

“That was the same way they told Nigerians that they discovered mansion in Asokoro, Abuja owned by the governor. Unknown to the EFCC, the mansion being referred to is a property rented by the Ekiti State Government and being used as Governor’s Lodge.”

While insisting that whatever properties owned by Governor Fayose were acquired thorough legitimate means, the government said like every other Nigerians, the governor reserved the rights to own properties and can also receive money from people to fund his election.

Meantime, Governor Ayodele Fayose, has urged the people of the state to watch out for politically-instigated violence from the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

He appealed to the people of the state not to allow themselves to be drawn into needless battles by desperate politicians.

He‎ stated this in Ado-Ekiti while interacting with newsmen after inspecting some ongoing projects in the state capital.

In a statement on Tuesday by the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr Idowu Adelusi, the governor cited the unprovoked attacks on commercial motorcyclists and passers-by by APC members when they held a rally in the town last Thursday.

“When they saw that most people boycotted their rally and many only stood by to watch their‎ display of ignorance, they resorted to attacking innocent people.

Their aim is to draw my supporters out for fight and they did not succeed and they won’t. We know their plans to even kill their own members and lay the blame on me and my party.

“When they were in government, Ekiti people saw how they shed innocent blood. No fewer than 12 people were killed, the last being Chief Omolafe Aderiye. They had their chance but they bungled it. Look at the huge sums of money that came to the state as allocations, excess crude ‎oil money and yet they borrowed N31 billion commercial loans and took N25 billion bond from the capital market.

“Despite all these, they still had nothing to show for it. Their desperation to get me out of office is because they know that when we are able to complete all these projects, their shame will increase‎. They also know that by God’s grace, with me as the governor of Ekiti State, they can’t win t‎he 2018 governorship election in the state.

“If they are men enough, let them wait till 2018 and for all of us to te‎st our popularity at the poll. They have written a lot of frivolous petitions and have failed. The people of the state are solidly behind our government. Despite the paucity of funds, our administration has been able to do a lot of projects and if we have the same resources that they had, we would have turned our state to an Eldorado.” he said.



  1. If what The governor has revealed is true, I will suggest that Efcc be disbanded for gross incompetence as first and foremost an investigative agency.

  2. Just imagine!! They just want to wicked Fayose bcos he is anti bokohari but unfortunately to Dem d properties are not fayose’s own!!!…..Bokohari has nothing to offer to Nigeria……

  3. This is very very embarrassing.

    EFCC seals a house only to discover it wasn’t the culprit’s own in the first place.

    How low can this people get. They keep proving we wailers right that they are actually zombies


  4. All comments here from the governor are just mere fallacy and propagandas to deceive the innocent Ekiti people. Time shall tell. I only advise our governor not be in a hurry to tackle or response to this issue.he should know quite well that EFCC can not prosecute him with fake evidence in any court of law.i,m worried about the way and manner this man is responding to actions.

  5. AdeLove you seem to be promoting Fayose, the Unchained Mad dog these days. If your news are these bad, I will unsubscribe.

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