I didn’t know U23 team were in US – Sports Minister, Dalung

Nigerian sports minister has dropped a bombshell after he told a press briefing he was not aware the country’s Olympic team are training in the United States of America ahead of next month’s Rio Olympics.

The Olympic team led by coach Samson Siasia have raised alarm they have been abandoned in the USA by the authorities.

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And sports minister Solomon Dalung has further laid credence to this claim when he said he did not know the team are training for the Rio Olympics in Atlanta.

“The issue of our U23 national team suffering in the United States of America is news to me. In fact I am hearing it from you (the media) for the first time,” Dalung stunned the reporters.

“They (Dream Team VI) didn’t tell us what they were there for and who took them there. It doesn’t mean that if somebody goes to the market and has problem then you will come and ask the ministry (of Youths and Sports). The question is who took them there? And what are they there for?

“Because they are U23 national team and they went to the US and they are having problems, does that become our business?

“When they were travelling to US from your information, were you told we that we were informed? Before you (the media) asked us to account for something you should know whether we were aware of it.

“So, if somebody has a birthday of his friend and he moves his team to go and play (there) you cannot come back to ask me to account for it. If they are throwing them out of the hotel (in the US), then they should know who took them there.

“They supposed to be given a letter approving they are travelling from the minister’s office. Then if they ask me I will tell you that I approved it and this is the reason.

‘So, what is happening in the US (as regards the U- 23 national team) maybe it is a story you (the media) are telling me”.


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