CAN condemns killing of female preacher, warns of religious war

Rev Israel Akanji, President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), FCT Chapter, has condemned the murder of a preacher, Mrs Eunice Olawale in Kubwa, Abuja, describing it as a barbaric act of wickedness.

Akanji told news conference in Abuja on Wednesday that CAN expressed great displeasure at the occurrence and called for a peaceful demonstration to express their condemnation.

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The FCT CAN president also described the act as worrisome and could be interpreted as disallowing the right of speech and worship, which the Nigerian constitution defends.

“The circumstances surrounding the killing of this woman is an action in an evil encroachment on the peace which has existed in the FCT.

“We believe that this woman went out on her normal morning preaching as the peaceful environment has allowed.

“If there was no peace she will not preach as she did on the fateful day she died.

“There is need to nip this unacceptable behaviour in the board so that it will not infringe on the peace that is there already.’’

He called on the Federal Government to act convincingly about occurrence of similar issue to show that it was strongly unacceptable in the country.

“ The act of brutality like, if not immediately and firmly checked, can escalate in frequency, intensity and sophistication.

“This is not just to cover what has happened but the government should put all things in place to ensure that there is no reoccurrence of such.

“Those who are culprits and wickedly take the lives of others should always be ready to face the law’’, Akanji said.

He called on Christians to be calm and allow the peace of God to reign in their hearts and on the issue.

He assured Christians that the FCT Minister and all the security agencies would ensure that such act was averted.



  1. It is high time for Christendom to not only go about condemnation of such illicit killings alone, but to defend herself from further hazard.The fact that Christianity centres on peace and emulation of Jesus mode of life do no mean that we should fold our hands and they’re killing us for no cause on daily basis.Even Jesus himself criticized Judas, the betrayal, when he spiritually saw what was ahead of him. So, on my personal volition, it is better to die defending yourself than to die like a chicken.My belief is that, “a man’s death is only once.” Violence is not a monopoly of a particular set of people.If it is war, of course, it is better than this silent and one-sided war.

  2. Enough of this christian doctrine of turning the other cheek, its outdated in this circumstances. Why wait to be slaughtered like chickens, take the war to them because this is war. Or is it until they slaughter us in our homes? I fully identify with fayoses doctrine, kill before you are killed. We must defend ourselves

  3. Buhari is yet to condemn the act because he is te sponsor behind the scene. He is busy warning of any disorder and he will act to kill more. That is his agenda. Tinubu have u seen what u have done- change, killing of southerners like goats. Allah will allow the killers visit ur family soonest, at least to feel direct pain.

  4. With dew regard for Elders, break religious war by entrenching Christianity in Nigerian Constitution. CAN should spear-head the crusade then Pentecostals can follow suit.

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