Youth group rallies support for Buhari’s anti-corruption war

Stand Up for Nigeria (SUN), a socio-political group, staged a rally in Calabar, Cross River State capital, on Wednesday in support of the Unity of Nigeria and in solidarity with the anti-corruption fight of President Muhammadu Buhari.


Addressing the youths before getting on the road with large banners depicting solidarity with the government of President Buhari, Obande Gideon, Co-ordinator, South-South region of the group, said, “Our belief in the unity of this country is unwavering and we so declare that the oneness of Nigeria is not negotiable.

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“In the one year that he has been in office, President Muhammadu Buhari has satisfactorily fought insurgency, corruption and impunity. We hereby pass a vote of confidence in President Buhari in the belief that he would leave the country even more united than he met it,” the group leader said.


“Today, we have a case where people did not just sit on billions of naira, they sat on billions of dollars amounting to trillions of naira; the budget of an entire nation in the pocket of one man, the budget of an entire nation in the tank farm of one man, and the budget of an entire nation in the pocket of the son of one man.

“We must support the fact that fighting this corruption will return our stolen wealth to the nation,” he stated.

They, however, urged that in fighting corruption, they should be obedient to the law and to judicial proceedings.


“Two wrongs cannot make a right. As we are prosecuting people, we should respect the decisions of courts and not violate the judiciary. The law is no respecter of a person and the constitution is superior to every individual,” they said.


The group in their statement pleaded with Niger Delta Avengers to stop destroying oil and gas installations in the country, noting that those distracting President Buhari with protest calls for break-up and violence against economic infrastructure are enemies of Nigeria and all well-meaning citizens should call them to order.


“We will resist any attempt to drag the nation towards the direction of anarchy. We believe that as we give the support to the government to fight corruption, the government will also reciprocate by respecting the law and the constitution of the nation,” they said.




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