President Muhammadu Buhari celebrates with his children on graduation … See photos

President Buhari with his children L-R: Miss Zahra Buhari, Yusuf Buhari and Halimat Buhari Sherriff as he celebrates them on their graduation and Call to Bar in Statehouse.

buhari kids1

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Buhari kids2



  1. Presido. Continue. Don’t relent. Ruffle all feathers. Step on all sore toes, in fact grind all those toes. May God bless you with good health. So you can continue with your mission and vision.

    Majority of Nigerians are solidly and unflinchingly and avowedly behind you.

    No peace or sleep for criminals any more. No more sacred cows.

  2. Congratulations our able president on this feat.May the good lord guide these children in all their endeavours to save haven and to glorious end.The wisdom to rule us well be accrued to you.IJN.Every obstacle along the way to make Nigeria great be flushed out and destroyed.

  3. Sincere congratulations. The President allowed his children to study in Nigeria in spite of his financial capability to send them abroad. That is a great example. Our universities should make their quality of education high so that there will be no need to send Nigerian children abroad for the best educaton they can have in courses available in Nigeria. We have another opportunity to build a nation that is economically, socially and technologically strong. We should all cooperate and not look back.

  4. Pls tell me the information you want me to have through the homework you want me to do. I shall gladly appreciate the information.

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