Fani-Kayode releases statement following his release from detention

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode who has been in detention since May 9, 2016, finally regained freedom today, Friday, July 15, 2016, after fulfilling his bail conditions. In a statement released by the former Minister of Aviation, he said his trial and detention were all politically motivated but that he would not be broken. While expressing thanks to all those who stood by him in his trying times, he reiterated his innocence while stating his readiness to stand trial and vigorously defend himself and concluded by vowing that the struggle would continue.

“I give thanks to God that I am free after 67 days in detention. I thank my wife, lawyers, children and friends for all their support. This was the worst experience of my life but God was with me all the way. I suffered immeasurably but I count it all as joy. I am innocent of all charges and I look forward to defending myself vigorously in court.

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These charges are politically motivated and I have been severely punished for my political views and criticisms of the government. They are trying to silence me, break me, discredit me and destroy but as long as Jesus is on the throne this will never work. I am strong and I am bold and the struggle will continue.



    • Ayomide as u call ursrlf, na you be mumu and all urs. I. The lineage of your family do u you even one time in life have a prominent personality as Sir Fani Ksyode?

  1. FFK, I may not be your fan but I also concur that your arrest is politically motivated. As long as bokohari doesn’t prosecute Ameachi, Imoke, Fashola, obasanjo etc his corruption fight is simply witch-hunting.

  2. Jesus is forever on the throne but not on the side of unrighteousness, every one keep saying it’s politically motivated, but evidence abound everywhere that the money meant for arms purchase was divided for political campaign, your coordinator Doyin Okupe, openly admitted, then who are you fooling, Jesus is slow to anger and rich in grace, refund your loot and have peace like Dieziani & Meth.

  3. Awon ole, you won’t escape this. The generations that was supposed to benefit from all the funds all of you shared will not help you out of this. It’s a shame. Yoruba says that your child is not a laundry person, yet he brings in various used clothes everyday. God is not partial, check out what befell your colleagues in arms. We now know who are principled and worth of leadership

    • @seyi, please “you” now know who is principled and worthy of leadership. Who are they please? Those not indicted I guess like amaechi, tinubu, ambode, in fact APC members I guess. There is this saying by my Lord Jesus. He that is without sin cast the first stone. Remarkably at his time no one could cast the stone because they were truthful enough to recognise that they were no better. But in Nigeria the reverse is the case. I’m even sure after this comment I made some will even curse my family too. But with time we will all begin to learn how to truly discern who is “truly” principled. God help Nigeria.

  4. “Politically motivated ?” What does it really mean? A politically exposed person whose career is political, whose job is political, whose statements, activities, pains and gains, food, shelters and all are simply political is invited to explain or defend an infraction in the course of his political activities will now shout that that the invitation is politically motivated. It is indeed politically motivated.
    Your appointment by OBJ to help his abuse whoever did not like him or reply who ever abuses him, was that not politically motivated? Your appointment by GEG to help him use your sharp razor mouth and awkward brain against all his opponent, was that not politically motivated?
    Now that you need to answer some queries on why you should not refund the ill-gotten money, political motivation becomes an aberration.
    Better use your bail period to prepare your defence, Nigerians can no longer be hoodwinked along religious or ethnic line, political misbehaviour and propensity for self agrandisement cut across tribes and religion. Didn’t you meet people of different faiths and ethnics in detention. There’s is even a chapel and mosques in the prison. God is for all including the convicts.
    But if what you are implying is that you are being prosecuted or persecuted because you failed in your assignment to help in reelection bid of your last Principal, that is really unfortunate. You have been a beneficiary of the other side of the divide before, no condition is permanent and this is change era.

  5. Some Nigerians fools always make refencese to Amechi, tinubu, obasanjo and others to be picked or interogate as thieves or whatever you may wish to call or name them,,,,,,….please come out clearly without sentiments where their involvement in this on going arm deal investigation???, why don’t you excerisce patience before polluting issues and also fear God in ahwtaever you say or have in mind against others???

    Buhari has never came out to say that apc,tinubu or whoever are saints of any crime but I think at this time it’s pointless picking them for deal they know nothing about . When it come to their turn we shall all see. Nigerians should learn how to be patience in everything.

    • This is exactly what I talked about Nigerians earlier. Reference to others as “Nigerian fools”. It is just in our nature as Nigerians. We cannot engage each other in intellectual discussions without being abusive. This is the national character of nigerians to be Abusive and this explains the reason for nigerians continually going through Abusive times. We need a leadership that will build national character and national moral in its people, it is only then we will see true democracy and economic freedom. Long live Nigeria.

  6. I hail you Sir Fani Kayode! You said it openly, you are the innocent. As for me up till tomorrow I will back you up. Let Buhari come out publicly and tell Nigerians where did he receive the fund for his presidential campaign! Na only mumus dey support this selective campaign caller is anti corruption crussade of this present government.

  7. @Dele,pls,stop quoting the Bible out of context,the woman in question committed adultery,which is a sin against God and her own body and not against anyone,no wonder Jesus did not make case for the two thieves. We are talking about people whose wickedness led to the death of many,many were left homeless until now,the federal government is yet to recover from the consequences of their wicked activities and here you are,making case for them. Also,the woman in question confessed to her sin and was ready to repent. A man like you will probably join crowd to condemn a man who steals common bread but,you are sympathetic with those who steal billions,and you think Nigeria will ever progress this way when people are not held accountable for their actions? Why didn’t Jonathan probe Tinubu,Obasanjo and Ameachi?

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