Former First Lady, Patience Jonathan looks good in new photos

Our former First Lady looking good in new photos.


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  1. A brave woman, a woman with a good heart, her song comes to my mind “don’t call me patience call me mama peace my heart is bleeding for the blood shed in the land.

  2. Dont insult Mama Patience. Blame OBJ. Number one enemy of Nigeria, who impose Jonathan and Patience on us, when he knows they are wasters. See Nigeria is grounded. God will surely, judge everyone who help in running Nigeria aground.

  3. “Where is WAEC two teacher, na only you waka come, is ok , this bloods you are shein. There is God ooooh there is god oooohhh”. That is patience Jonathan for you the entertainer.

  4. This woman really projected the myriad of Nigeria’s intellectual women in a serious bad light in the face of the world.

    In her days, Nigeria looked like a country filled with illiterate ladies……..ah! so painful. There is God oooo

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