We’ve nothing to lose if oil production is crippled – Militants tell Buhari

One of the militant groups that has emerged since renewed militancy in the Niger Delta began, the Ultimate Warriors of Niger Delta, has told the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government that they (militants) have nothing to lose should oil production in the country is crippled.

The militant group which is one of the affiliate body of the rampaging Niger Delta Avengers described the double speak manner of the federal government on dialoguing with the people of the region as worrisome and inciting.

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The spokesman of the Ultimate Warrior, Sibiri Taiowoh, said in a statement, “We have said it before that we have nothing to lose on the bombing of oil pipelines because our mission is to ground the oil economy if our demands are not met.

“We have said we are doing what we are doing to prod the government to renegotiate the control of our oil resources and other related matters. What we are doing now is the only way to this kind of agitation.”

It stressed that the government would not be able to withstand the whirlwind destruction of oil installations when the widow of negotiation and dialogue they had given elapsed.

“ We have watch with chagrin the recent utterance by the President and his Vice and all we are seeing is them tacitly playing double standard and lips services to the demand of the groups as it concerns the Niger Delta question and that is why all of our Units and affiliates have not fully heeded to our ceasefire.

“Today the President will say something, tomorrow his Vice and some of their dishonest and selfish lieutenants will contradict him and that only shows how confused and unserious the government is about the problems and how to deal with them.”



  1. A child who said, my mother will not sleep, the child will not sleep either.
    Militant, you destroy the oils, don’t forget you destroy your mother land too.

  2. The Niger delta is the region that lays the national egg, the people should be treated with some respect. This president won’t even visit the zone, meanwhile he goes to the north almost every week. These people are not militants, they are rights agitators. Visit the region and see if your opinion about these people wouldn’t change.

  3. This guy’s should shut up. Sheybi because you thought PMB would panic and quickly back down on the anti corruption war but he hasn’t bulged that I why you are so desperate. Nigeria existed before oil was discovered and a lot of developed nations don’t even have oil. So just keep deluding yourselves!

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