Man Runs Away with His Own Brother’s Wife…Read Shocking Details

In what will come across as a rather weird development, a man has eloped with his own brother’s wife.

Adam Sachikumbi, a Zimbabwean man, got the shock of his life when his own brother whose name has not been given, ran away with his wife, Lillian Tsambara.

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However, it didn’t end there. Now, he is faced with another shock after his now ex wife took him to court alleging that he is threatening her life.

According to reports, the Harare woman claims to have been threatened with death by Adam Sachikumbi after she eloped with his younger brother.

Lillian Tsambara alleges that Adam Sachikumbi comes to her house threatening to kill her. This was revealed at the civil court where Lillian sought a protection order against Adam.

“He is my ex- husband but he assaults me and he also insults me using vulgar words. Since we separated last year in December, I have had no peace because he is always on my case.

“He came to my house and evacuated all the tenants saying he wanted to burn the house down. He even brought petrol with him. I am now scared of his action that is why I want to be protected,” said Lillian.

Adam denied threatening his ex-wife saying: “It is funny how she is standing before this court saying that I threatened to kill her. If I wanted to kill her I would have done so the moment she moved in with my brother as his wife.

“As I speak right now she is cohabiting with my own brother. It is so painful that I lost my wife to my brother. It was then that I had to take action if I wanted to do her any harm.

“Coming here seeking a protection order is a way of trying to keep me away from them yet I have no intention of harassing them. I do not have a problem if the order is granted,” he said.

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza granted the protection order in Lillian’s favour barring Adam from insulting and threatening her.



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