Ambassadorial Nominees: Bayelsa and three others States failed Validity test – Senate

Concerns were again raised on Tuesday over the non-inclusion of candidates from Bayelsa, Plateau, Ondo, and Ebonyi States on the list of career Ambassadors forwarded to the Senate for screening by President Muhammadu Buhari.


This follows the presentation of report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs by Deputy Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Senator Shehu Sani(APC), Kaduna Central Senatorial District where it was revealed that the process of nominating career Ambassadors by President Buhari was duly taken into consideration, pointing out that the affected States actually did not meet the criteria.

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Sani emphasized that contrary to public outcry that the four states were marginalized, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation honoured the invitation of Senate Committee and made clarifications to the effect that the states in question fell short of necessary qualification which the Committee actually confirmed.

Criteria for appointment of Ambassadors, he noted, are based on “federal character, seniority in the service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gender equality, specialisation, relevance and competence,” he said.

He further asserted that excluded States stand to benefit from appointment of non-career Ambassadors, hence, there was no need for further issues.

Chief Whip, Senator Olusola Adeyeye (APC), Osun Central Senatorial District recalled that he was part of those who received petitions from those who felt aggrieved that their States were not reflected, but explained that the findings of the Committee as presented showed the lack of truth on the part of the petitioners.

He urged the Senate to increase women opportunity to 40%, citing that 12 out of 47 was not up to 40% in line with affirmation of gender equality.

“Mr. Senate President, you recall that I was the one that raised issues based on petition, but from the reports, petitioners were not truthful and I also want to submit that there is need to increase the number of women in the appointment in line with the 40 per cent affirmation on gender equality,” Adeyeye maintained.

While commending the Committee for a job well done, Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio moved that there is need to go ahead with the screening, while asking the FG to expedite action on the nomination of non career diplomats.

In a vote which was requested by the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, the Senate resolved that screening of Ambassadorial nominees will go ahead immediately.



  1. Please kindly provide the so called qualification needed, which the four states lack. Our people from Ebonyi have been sending out ambassadors before the second coming of President Buhari, I urge our senators to show the SGF our qualified men and women in the foreign affairs ministry who should be considered before we all wait for the political merchants to take their turn.

  2. @James, since it seems your senators don’t know your “qualified men & women” hence they couldn’t show the govt. any, I suggest you send their names to AdeLove so he can forward same to the appropriate authorities, as it seems you know better than your senators in this case!

  3. The problem here is that, some states joined the Foreign Service at particular time in their numbers, and never had the opportunity or other citizens did not get into the service successively to have successors after a particular group of men and women.
    Marginalized states can hardly complain, if there are no officers of their state origin meet the criteria. If there are, lets their Senators present same. Mine has made the situation clear that our men in the service do not meet the criteria to be appointed carrier ambassadors. We had quite a number of carrier ambassadors of recent, some of whom just retired. QED!!!

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