Melaye threatened to rape me, you must discipline him – Tinubu writes Saraki, Oyegun

As the ongoing war between Senate Committee Chairman on Women Affairs, Senator Oluremi Tinubu and her Kogi State counterpart, Dino Melaye rages on, the former has petitioned Senate President Bukola Saraki and the Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Chief John Odigie Oyegun.


In the petition, she clamed that her colleague threatened to rape her.

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Tinubu asked the Senate to discipline Senator Melaye following the misunderstanding, which erupted between them last Tuesday.

In a letter dated July 19, 2016, Senator Tinubu asked the Senate to punish Melaye because he remained a danger to her and the Senate at large.

She alleged that Senator Melaye had vowed twice within one week to attack her.

According to her, Senator Melaye had become “unmoored” and “has since paraded his misconduct in public as if to threaten a female senator was a badge of pride.”

She added: “Unless Senator Melaye is appropriately disciplined, he remains a danger to me and to the Senate at large. He has promised twice within one week to attack me.”

Senator Tinubu also petitioned the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief John Odigie Oyegun.

She asked the party to caution Melaye to stop terrorizing her.

She said, “I am both a ranking Senator and a woman. But Senator Melaye took neither into consideration as he issued threats of rape and assault, while boasting that he would face no consequence even if he fulfilled these criminal threats.”



  1. Mrs. Oluremi. T. was not ashamed of reporting that Dino threatened to rape her. My question is who started the quarrel?

  2. habaah mrs tinubu:your behaviour on this matter have show your rudeness to ur husband ahmed and other men,i know that every human has a problem but your`is rudeness,dont you know that insulting ur follow male senator is embarrassment to the entire nigeria including ur husband,if melaye trething you to rape or other evil thing is left for him an God after all many women/minor`s one, are rape without you saying a word as person in charge of women matter in the house pls stop making noise.

  3. I’m sick of this Mrs. Tinubu , Doland Trump called Hilary Clinton the wife of most rapist is America history, yet the man is walking out there. If Melaye threatened to rape you, then tell him that you will rape him back now.

  4. Muimmy Remi, e jewo obun ka daa aso ro yin. Please come out publicly that u have ur eyes on this handsome man and we will all divert from chasing after looters to help pursue ur goals. Abeg, since you have been a senator how many bills to advance this great nation have u sponsored? If u want Dino, tell him jejely, if that man rape u, na bye bye be that. Enough of this non sensible display of ur great folly.

  5. Mrs. Tinubu, Madam Senator. You be small pickin wey dey sell akara for street wey somebody go fit corner for one uncompleted building to have sex, though she agreed for small change, but under aged to give appropriate consent, therefore termed rape? Or you bi plantain seller in lagos suburbs wey enter bachelor room with you tray to fry dodo for Dino? You supposed to be a mother and you talk like a primary school child, that another adult wants to rape you? Respect yourself small now!!! Where Married woman with Police guide and the paraphilia office can be raped or have sex with a man without her consent. Abi, you dey secretly date Dino, and he fit put drug in your drink and have his access when you are fast asleep? You talk also goes to tell your level of intellect, and how only your husband wealth and reputable in Lagos took you to the Senate, not on your merit and ability to bring development to Central Lagos occupied by intelligent people. Lagos, Centre of Excellence, this Senator don fall una hand, it is a disgrace, recall the jagaban wife and let him replace her as the god father of Yoruba politics for now, even though PMB don fall him hand too.

  6. Enough of this Political Volatility. Most of our politician aspiring for a post always go imperial as soon as they were elected. O.Tinubu and D.Melaye should have settle their differences and stop embarrassing themselves in the Public

  7. Loooooooool i just dey laugh jare, Mrs Tinubu is in love wt Dino and d man no gree her own, maybe she see am wt another fine babe, una know say dis senators no dey fit keep dem selves, even d ugly ones not to talk of fine Dino. Dem go soon settle dis misunderstanding, watch out for part 2 of Remi and Dino, happily ever after.

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