‘Herdsmen/farmers clashes beyond President Buhari’

Engr. Ahmad Zakari, National Chairman of Community for Peace and Corrupt-free Society, Nigeria, CPCSN, on Tuesday, berated those criticising President Muhammdu Buhari over his continued silence in the face of the lingering crises between Fulani herdsmen and farmers while stressing that the crisis was beyond the President.


In recent times, President Buhari has come under intense criticism over his silence in the face of the consistent crises between the farmers and herdsmen.

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Zakari while speaking with newsmen in Abuja, said that the Fulanis who have been attacking farmers across the country are foreigners.

According to him, “The herdsmen/farmers clashes are beyond President Buhari. Many of those critics don’t even understand the problem, these conflicts are not the handiwork of Nigerian Fulanis. I am a Fulani and I can tell you that the Fulanis love peace.

“There is no Nigerian Fulani who will go and attack the community where his cattle are grazing.

“Those perpetrating the attacks are people from beyond the shores of Nigeria. It is not a problem that only President Buhari alone can solve. It requires a solution by all African Presidents. In fact, it is a problem that must be tackled by the African Union.”



  1. What a senseless defense!!! But Buhari has defended Fulanis before when he went to Oyo state during the reign of Alh Lam Adesina. He accused him of Yoruba people killing his own people, does PMB ever think that Time that these Fulanis they are killing are not Nigerians?

  2. Zakari should keep quiet.how can he say such a thing. Does he think Nigerians are fools?I have always known the fulanis to be a lover of dagger and now have graduated to guns. If they are not Nigerians,then are they spirit?why can’t any of them has been arrested and shown on television?people are complaining because Buhari body language is not against what they are doing. Biafra have been killed in their hundreds for just peaceful demonstration by the buhari’s govt.who is deceiving who now

  3. Ahmad you are mad as the last 3 letter implies. Buhari is the head of the terrorist group called Fulani herdsmen how on earth will he not keep silence over the work well done by his men. Do you think all Nigerians are as stupid as PMB and the Fulani people. Why is the issue of the Niger delta avengers not beyond his power. Why is the issues of MASSOP or Igbo not beyond PMB power. Thunder fire you and the Fulani people and all the people that will support your stupid statement.

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