I got N800m, only 10 per cent of my demand from PDP – Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, spokesman of the presidential campaign of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says he got N800 million, being 10 per cent of his demands, for running the campaign of former  President Goodluck Jonathan.


Faulting the charges filed against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Fani-Kayode said he has no regrets working for Jonathan.

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He said from the day his party lost the election, he knew that there would be problems, but he refused to flee the country because he had not done anything wrong.

“Our director of finance sent money out to the various directors, including me from our own private company account for us to run our operations,” he told Channels Television.

“I was given only 10% of what I needed (very small) about 800 million naira to run a campaign for three months and we utilised that money.

“I have done absolutely nothing wrong and neither has any of my co-accused. I saw this coming the day we lost elections and it was announced that the other side had won.

“I refused to leave the country just as I refused to leave the country in 2008 when I was accused of things then.

I have absolutely no doubt that in the end of this particular exercise I will be declared innocent by the court simply because it is very obvious that this is a politically motivated allegation.”



  1. Only if this people know that avoidance of tax is an offence, they will stop telling us how they use private company to execute work without showing the detail in their company record.

  2. Some sick and hungry Nigerians will still support the kind people whom has our money in his pocket.some of his supporters can’t afford medication good meal

  3. Fani-kayode
    U get mouth, the N800m collected for campaign was it paid into you personal account or PDP party account.
    If the money was paid into you personal account then you have a case with EFCC

  4. You still get mouth to talk,you that they suppose to stone to death for offence committed again the Nation. N800m is it your father’s money or you work for it.?

  5. Please before we start throwing stones again. The party funds for APC was dispensed from apc accounts yes! But to who? To individuals referred to as campaign managers for APC and it wasn’t cash obviously, but it was paid into their individual accounts just like PDP. But do we know any of apc’s campaign directors? No! Because they are the ruling party. Just balancing the argument for us.

    • Not possible to catch all the thieving population same day. Certainly, APC looters will also have their turn; if not today, then tomorrow or next. All looters, no matter their parties, religions, tribes, states etc must account for their stewardship when the time is ripe. #MyStand.

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