Curvaceous Woman Pictured Walking N*ked in Ikeja, Lagos … See Photo

Residents around the Opebi road in Lagos were stunned with the sight of a curvy woman whose face wasn’t pictured on camera walking gallantly n*ked.




This looks really strange and mysterious to be true but not according to a broadcast sent on the BlackBerry Messenger by one Shoye Benson and some other BBM users with the unclad photo displayed.

Read the broadcast below:

“I was my colleagues’s car along Opebi road last night going home from work when i sighted this curvaceous woman (see my DP) who caused a little traffic as she walked unclad in public. The funny thing is that she was walking proudly like a model and Instead of coming to her rescue, some of the passersby started photographing her but she seemed less concerned with the attention she was creating along the busy road.

She eventually turned towards a building, i think it was an hotel or club. It’s not clear whether the woman had gone berserk or what really forced her to walk unclad in public. My concern is this, we need to be more prayerful in this era. A lot of strange things are happening as i headed home last, night the question that kept popping up in my head is, what could have made such a beautiful lady go expose her womanly pride in such a public? May we never be victims of circumstances. Amen! “



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