I chained my son because he’s possessed with ‘stealing spirit’ – Father

Controversial Pastor of The Key Joy Celestial Church, Francis Taiwo, who chained his 9-year-old son for several weeks, has confessed the reasons behind his action.


According to Mr. Taiwo, who was arrested on Sunday after initially attempting to escape law enforcement authorities said he took the action because he believed his son was possessed with a ‘stealing spirit’.

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‘I chained my son because I felt he is possessed and I’m not comfortable with his stealing habit,” a police source present during his interrogation quoted the suspect as saying.

He also told officials that he married Korede’s mother who bore four children for him before their divorce in 2007.

He said the victim’s mother, Marine Taiwo, was from Delta State and that Korede’s siblings were not living with him.

The 40-year-old suspect, who hails from Benin Republic, said he was born in Ota Town of Ogun State. He said he rose to be a pastor in the Celestial Church, CCC, and was ordained in 2012.

The Church has already distanced itself from the controversial pastor.

“All we can say is that the man is not a registered – or recognized – pastor in the CCC,” a church official sent from the Lagos headquarters told journalists on Saturday.

According to a police spokesperson, Muyiwa Adejobi, Taiwo was said to be  prosecuted once investigation is completed.






  1. this man is not serious….how does stealing meat from soup makes u possess with evil spirits….it means almost all Nigerians are possess…..if you no steal meat from pot when u small….e mean say u no grow well…..The man self look like evil spirit….abi na him possess him son…..wicked man

  2. See black mentality…the man has been brainwashed by so called belief…. he needs to be punished so that he can serve as a deterrent to others…

  3. The is part of rotteness of the widespread superstitious believe in sub Sahara Africa
    The advanced world are busy analysing various theories and hypothesis which they only authenticate with proven evidence
    Africans from all professions,including pastors,alfas and witchdoctors benefit immensely from modern technology,without contributing any
    Instead,so many folks in this clime find their comfort zone in mere imaginary and delusional believes that absolutely have no basis with reality
    Any discerning mind would know that this lad Korede resorted to stealing due to severe deprivation,especially from lack of adequate feeding

  4. I am a member of the clergy in the Celestial Church of Christ. I detest the conduct of this gentkeman who has behaved in a bad way towards his own son. I am pleased that the authorities of the CCC in Lagos have distanced themselves from him. And the Key of Joy Parish. It is now for the Police to prosecute him for child abuse, child exploitation and causing inhuman treatment to be inflicted on an infant. The CCC does not have any rites that involve people being tied down under any circumstances.

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