Shame in Church as Members Fight Pastor and Others Over Church Funds in Lagos … See Video Clip

Mild drama ensued at the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Abule-Ijesha in Yaba area of Lagos State yesterday as members of the church threw out their pastor, identified as Mr. Micheal Oni, over argument on the disbursement of the church’s funds.

Cac church fight

According to members of the church, the pastor who was recently transferred to their church from Ibadan, was demanding for a remuneration beyond his salary scale.

In an interview with TVC, a member of the church, Oluseyi Omotajo said, “he came with a letter of Level 7/ step 1 and he was demanding for level 9/step 9. We then told him that it won’t be possible, but to make peace reign we decided to pay him based on level 8; we paid for three months but he insisted that we have to pay him based on level 9.”

Another member, Sunday Adelu said, “He has been causing chaos in the church, fighting members, insulting members and raising funds and keeping the money in his purse without giving to the church authorities.”

Narrating his own side of the ordeal, Pastor Oni said the church members had refused to duly render accounts of the church to him.



  1. You never know before. Hypocrites in sheep skins. Hm want do big boy for lagos, and una non wan pay him; hm go pay himself. period. Hm no come look bridge for lagos, abi?

  2. OMG!!!! I’m in shock and in tears right now. Lord have mercy on these that have decided to ridicule your Church with this selfish and unreasonable act thereby bringing reproach to the Church of Jesus!!!!!

  3. very bad…i wonder why a pastor would do such…if at all the pastor is like this the action the congregation took is out of it

  4. church of God is marching on we are winning ,we are fighting to d end we are winning church of God we neva fail we are wining shame on to satan we are winning .

  5. God, do not take your holy spirit from them,restore onto thy church thy joy of your salvation and also renew your spirit within the church again….have mercy Lord.

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