Fayose Leaves Local Corn Seller Excited After Stopping His Envoy to Patronize Her … Photos

Governor Ayodele Fayose is showing that he is the people’s governor and he loves hardwork as he stopped his envoy to patronize a roadside corn seller.

Fayose-corn-1 Fayose-corn-2 Fayose-corn-3 Fayose-corn-4 Fayose-corn-5

It was a memorable moment for a roadside corn seller in Ekiti State as she got an August visitor in the person of Governor Ayodele Fayose as he stopped his convoy to patronize the woman. She was all smiles and could not hide her joy. The incident took place along Iju/Itaogbolu road, Ekiti State.



    • If a buffoon is a Governor in a state of professors and he himself is not an illiterate like some opportunists, I wonder what you who is not a buffoon has achieved, I will like to be a buffoon like Fayose than been an empty and unknown quantity like you. Rather than making intelligent contribution to discourse you people see it as opportunity to insult others.

  1. That is his own way of building grassroot support. I’m sure he will pay the woman an amount she will not forget in a hurry. Moreover , the woman will feel more elevated and her sense of belonging and support for whatever Fayose does will be high.
    Although going by the rules of protocol he–Gov Fayose is not supposed to stop to buy such with his convoy for security purposes among other reasons.

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