Help! I Love S*x, But I Can’t Stop Cheating on My Good Husband – Woman Cries Out

A woman addicted to cheating on the husband has cried out for help fearing that she might have been cursed as she cannot stop the ugly trend.


I am young and successful and have been married for 6 years. My husband is the best husband one can wish for and we have healthy s*xual life.

But my only problem is the fact that I am constantly looking for s*x outside my marriage and living in this perpetual guilt thereafter.

I have tried keeping away from men not once but infinite times, but end up straying always.



  1. Can someone tell me the meaning of “bible believing Church” ? Is there any Koran believing Church?
    It bothers me when I hear Christians talk anyhow about different churches while their Muslim counterparts speak with one voice. A Muslim wouldn’t say “Koran believing mosque” because mosque is mosque

  2. Bible believing church is where the Raw(unadulterated) word of God is being taught. If you attend any church and all they talk about is different from the word of God, you better leave before you are initiated.

  3. Ok so for one you need to stop and think if your really happy in all areas in your relationship. your searching for something that he obviously isn’t giving you. You can also just be comfortable and don’t want to leave afraid of starting new but honestly he deserves more than a cheating spouse so if you cant stay faithful and fix ur problem then move on….

  4. What you need is to kill your flesh like Joseph did in the book of Genesis. Ask about your foundation from your mother and cry to God in fasting and prayer from the spirit you inherited.

  5. Have you heard of Olumba Olumba before, do you know the grey messgae even jehovah witnesses have there interpretation of the bible(lets say they have there bible). Except you visit them, u might not know or pple testimonies abt them

  6. Thank God you admitted your problem, the next thing is take responsibility, pursue righteousness as you chase cheating on your husband. Anything different from that hell/fire straight!

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