Muslims Terribly Angry After Porn Star Got a Nose Job in Iran (Photos)

A busty porn star has made Muslims bitterly angry after she revealed that she went to Iran to do a successful nose job.




A British porn star has come under severe criticism after revealing that she had a nose job in the Iranian capital of Tehran. The porn star identified as Candy Charms posted a selfie on her Instagram of her pouting in a headscarf and sunglasses.

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It was reported that Charms, who has 117,000 followers on Twitter and regularly features in the hardcore pornography that she posts, uploaded the image of her wearing a hijab in the cab.

She wrote about her flying visit to the Middle East, explaining: “My nose was not straight and they are the best in the world in nose surgery. I had my nose done.”

According to reports, the Essex-born porn star is said to have written: “My nose was not straight and they are the best in the world in nose surgery. I had my nose done.
“Loved Tehran. The people are so kind and generous.

“Really overwhelmed by the whole trip. The people are amazing.”

Tehran has a reputation for being the “nose job capital of the world” with low-cost and high quality surgery. More procedures are performed per person than in LA. Many Muslims attacked her as many condemned her for daring to enter the country knowing fully well her infamous profession.

Many took to Twitter to express anger in Persian and asked why she should have been allowed into the country. Some comments were supportive, with many people welcoming Candy to their country.

One user, Arash, wrote: “Welcome to Iran also I am so disappointed I couldn’t meet you.”

Candy later deleted her Instagram post because of the attention it received.

She later reposted it to another Instagram page. Candy has had surgery before, and her enhanced boobs now weigh the same as two litres of water.

The porn star spoke to the News men about her difficult experience with breast enlargement surgery.

She said: “For my first breast job I had 420cc silicone, which took me up to about a DD and I loved them. They looked really good.

“I realised the bigger I went, the more money I could make from them.”

But the actress said she “instantly regretted” moving from a DD cup size to her now colossal LL boobs.

She said: “When I woke up from that surgery I instantly regretted it. They were huge.

“They were pushed up towards my collarbone and I struggled with day to day life.”



  1. @ Peters over wetin no concern them abi, burning churches and killing xtians just cos a nose job happened in Iran. So that they can go to aljanah and get 70 virgins.God cannot be mocked o

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